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The Oak Ridge Boys, currently composed of Duane Allen, Joe Bonsall, Richard Sterban, and William Lee Golden, is an ongoing project that transcended the original members and continues to go strong to this day. Duane Allen, singing for the Oak Ridge Boys since 1966, has previous quartet and operatic training. He spends his free time at a museum he calls Ace On Wheels which stores his ample collection of antique cars or with his wife, Norah Lee and their four grandchildren. Joe Bonsall has been with the group since 1973 and is unofficially the quartet’s spokesman. He is also the band’s songwriter and has even published children’s books. Richard Sterban became an Oak Ridge Boy in 1972, and had previous notoriety as a member of The Stamps Quartet. While a member of The Stamps Quartet, he sang backing vocals for Elvis Presley. Now, Sterban owns the Nashville Sounds baseball team, and provides voice work for the Weather Channel and Sirius Satellite Radio. Finally, William Lee Golden, a member of the group since 1965 with one extended absence, has returned to the Oak Ridge Boys to provide his age old expertise in the art of singing. Speaking of art, Golden is known to also be an avid visual artist and loves to spend any freetime he has painting as referenced by former First Lady Barbara Bush.


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