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Having released her debut album, The Time Has Come, in 1992, Martina McBride’s music career officially began. For the last eighteen years, she has been producing albums almost nonstop and picking up more and more fans with each tour and release. Hailing from Kansas, she never expected to get as big as she has, but says she always wanted to. She plans to take her solid core of guitar and vocals a step into the future with a brand new producer, Dan Huff, to co-produce her next album. Admitting personally that her most creative albums were Evolution in 1997 and Emotion in 1999, Martina hopes this fresh face looking at her music will free her enough to encourage her creativity to be big and elaborate without being bogged down with the everyday toil of production. She even says she feels the most creative she has in years, citing her aforementioned albums as her last peak. Shine, the album she produced with Dan, tasted great success just as she believed it would peaking at the US Billboard Top Country Chart at number one, Top 200 at number ten, and Canadian Top 50 Country at number three. She still adheres to a regular touring schedule and will be promoting her latest album for some time to come.


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