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High – tech combines with an elegant country voice gives the performance a warm but modern feeling to everyone in the audience. Along with Carrie Underwood’s outstanding voice her band’s eclectic sounds raise country music to a whole new level. The percussionist Garret Goodwin, guitarist Ed Eason and Shawn Tubbs, and violinist Jimmy Herman all add to the Carrie Underwood sound. Not only will Carrie be the person under the spotlight but there will always be a few moments for the band and musicians to shine. At the concert there will be a myriad of time where you will absorb the musical talent from individuals who make the music sound like it does.

At a typical Carrie Underwood concert not only will you see Carrie herself but on her current tour Sons of Sylvia will appear at a plethora of her concerts you will be lucky if you happen to be at the same. Sons of Sylvia, Carrie Underwood’s favorite band, should bring back memories of “Gimme Shelter” by the Rolling Stones. Brothers Ashley, Adam and Austin Clark have more of a rock ‘n roll voice mixed with acoustic and country. The sound of the mandolin, guitar and amazing vocals is what makes the band great. Now to tie it into Carrie Underwood, “What Can I Say,” the duet, was recorded with Sons of Sylvia. Carrie Underwood and Sons of Sylvia’s combination creates a unique voice.

The creativity of Carrie Underwood at her concerts is unbelievable. In previous concerts she performed a song in the bed of a blue pick – up truck which was suspended from the ceiling. Her wardrobe in some songs will be almost as great as her voice. The screens at the theatre will take you to the place where the song was originally thought of. To a bed of flowers, a meadow or a bar, you will always feel like you are in the song.


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