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Asleep at the Wheel is a collaborative project maintained by Ray Benson, the only remaining member of the founding band. Over the years since 1974, the band has seen a total of thirty-one different members! The original three band members were Ray Benson, Reuben Gosfield or Luck Ocean, and LeRoy Preston. Their first album debuted in 1973 titled Comin’ Right at Ya followed by their self-titled album in 1974. Since then, they’ve produced over twenty albums and seen almost unending lineup changes with the current crew being Benson, John Whitby, Eddie Rivers, Elizabeth McQueen, David Miller, David Sanger, and Jason Roberts. They justify the seemless changes as “reinvention” of the band to keep up with the ever changing music industry. The most recent cast appreciates the chance to work in Asleep at the Wheel, which Ray is happy to say. He says he always wanted a band, and not Ray Benson and Asleep at the Wheel, so their attitude brings a fresh outlook to the band he’d always wanted and only had during the seventies previously. They aren’t so much interested with monetary success as playing their hearts out and enjoying every minute of the ride. They often joke about not making any money, and not wanting to have it any other way. They are constantly touring and have a very relaxed, but excited, demeanor at shows whether they be massive venues or small theatres.


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