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Brooklyn, New York has been birthplace to many well known musicians and actors, but most pertinent to this article, is Arlo Guthrie and his Folk Music. He was born in Brooklyn in 1947 as the oldest son of Woody Guthrie, a well established singer, writer, and philosopher. Throughout his childhood, he was plunged into the performance culture with many close friends of his parents being musicians and dancers. He was often seen in later famous hotspots for Folk Music like The Gaslight and The Bitter End. 1967 saw his official start as a solo musician with the release of album, Alice’s Restaurant, and the following year’s self-titled album with Rising Son/Koch Records. For the next forty years, he has continued to produce studio albums at a relaxed pace. His four most recent albums are Someday, Son of the Wind, Mystic Journey, and Woody’s 20 Grow Big Songs in 1986, 1992, 1996, and 2005 respectively. His most famous song, “Alive’s Restaurant,” was played as the closing argument of a 1970’s serial killer’s defense, and Arlo has purchased the church described in the song. The song is commonly known to range between eighteen minutes and almost an hour. It spawned a movie, and multiple restaurants around the country by name and menu.


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