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With a combination of classical music jammed into hard rock, this orchestra has done what seemed unimaginable and made genuine art out of it. The Trans-Siberian Orchestra is composed of four members, Paul O’Neill who founded and produced the group, Jon Oliva, Robert Kinkel and Al Pitrelli. This group knows how to please fans and can easily evoke people who have never once heard of them before. Their unique rock operas are instant classics and they provide concert-goers with an experience like never before. Many concerts tend to be repetitive and predictable but this one is sure to get your mind looking in all new directions, it will be something you never forget and you will be assured to leave wanting to stay for endless encores.

This orchestra gives a new spin on Christmas spirit with songs like Christmas Canon, O Holy Night, and Wizards in Winter that you will be singing to yourself for days. They are a recognizable great group of vocalists that is great for fans of all music genres. The melody when they all tune together is something that is difficult to replace. Their album will be an instant hit with your friends and family and when they find out you have tickets to see these wonderful vocalists you will be their hero (if of course you have tickets for them too). So start a new holiday tradition and go see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra live and be astounded by the memories that you and the ones around you will create. It’s truly a special treat to go see this classical rock band perform and you will have a Christmas, or even just time to remember.


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