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Isn’t it incredible when a single tenor can step on stage and create truly magnificent music out of nothing more than pure thin air? Well this is that same exact phenomenon, except this time it’s ten times better. The Ten Tenors are a group of, you guessed it, ten guys who harmonically perform together and made their start by getting some college friends together. They have high quality music that will make a fan out of anybody and they do more than just deliver. Their performances are outstanding, so much so that you’ll be standing up for an ovation waiting for an encore. They came from the country of Australia where they began a legacy that would shed new light on what genuine music is truly about. Fans of these ten great performers know that these guys are legit and non-fans will soon learn that they are a spectacular group to see perform live.

The Ten Tenors take the old building blocks of music and shift and innovate it to create something awesomely astounding from at first seemed to be an utter bore. Where most traditional opera performers have a narrow fan-base, this group can gain appreciation from anyone. The thing that makes these guys so great is that they know how to alter their genre so that they may please as many people as possible and show that music is interchangeable even when it seems like it should be stuck in one genre. Experiencing new things in life is always an exciting phenomenon and when it comes to music many people feel that they should stay in their shell of the music “they” like but when they finally emerge from it they realize just how many wonderful pieces there are out there. Well, this is one of those things, so why not try to experience it?


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