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Are you ready to be entranced with the upmost delight and awe by five piano playing prodigies? If you answered yes, then you need to see this classical music group, if you answered no, then you need to see this classical music group even more. The Five Browns are a group of siblings who have combined their talents on the piano to create such a fantastic rendition of piano playing, that you will leave in complete amazement. Ryan, Melody, Gregory, Deondra and Desirae Brown are all siblings and have all been playing the piano since they were 3 years old. These five talented brothers and sisters have been recognized on numerous talk shows such as Oprah, Today, Good Morning America and many more. Their goal is to bring classical music back to life and show everyone that this is what all music is really about. Many people don’t realize what a large influence classical music has had on all other types of music and the Browns are ready to show everyone what they mean. If you aren’t a fan of The 5 Browns now or haven’t even heard of them before then now is the time to listen up because this quintet has revolutionized the piano and will make you wonder why you haven’t been a fan of this group from the very beginning.

Being able to share the passion and wonder of their piano talents live is a real treat that is truly priceless. You will escape from this crazy world for a period of time and just divulge into the swift and beautiful key movements and sounds. It’s an ideal family show as well as an intellectual experience so why not add another 5 members to your family and let the Browns take you on a classical journey.


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