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If there is one orchestra that will blow your mind and leave you awe-struck at the performances that are given, it is the Los Angeles Philharmonic. This Orchestra ties in a contemporary persona with the classical music basis and will leave everyone giving a standing ovation at the end while wanting an encore. They give a family-friendly show that will leave everyone feeling culturally educated as they really begin to understand what America and music is all about. They perform regularly in the Walt Disney Concert Hall but travel and perform at different locations as well. Getting the opportunity to see this magnificent orchestra is comparable to winning the “music lottery”. The collaborative work that this group puts together is pleasantly wonderful and it really transcends a warm feeling of happiness upon anyone that is able to see this performance.

Classical music is too often overlooked in today's society as it provides people with a sense of happiness and stimulates the brain to come to reality rather than living in the blur that usually encompasses day to day life. The Los Angeles Philharmonic is directed by Gustavo Dudamel who does a fantastic job at taking all the various sounds and pieces and fusing the symphony together. It is quite astounding at how perfectly the music sounds together and it will truly sweep you off of your feet and teach you what you have been missing about true music. So if you are looking for an escape or just a wonderful show then this is the one for you. It will be amazing how uplifted and refreshed you will feel when leaving the show but you will become a fan of this orchestra for life. So try something new for a change, or go back for more, and see the Los Angeles Philharmonic live.


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