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Violinists have a way of completely sweeping people off their feet and mesmerizing them with the delicately aggressive beauty that comes from the stroke over strings. The violin is a fascinating instrument and when composers such as Andre Rieu have it in their hands then there is no competition knowing that you will instantly fall in love with the classical music that they present. Fans of Rieu know that his pure talent will leave you in amazement and just sheer awe because he plays the violin so naturally well that it appears as if he isn't even trying at all. Watching Rieu perform live is really something else and as you listen to the songs that are being played you realize that you are watching one of the greatest violinists of all time. Rieu, a man of Dutch origins has been studying the violin since he was just 5 years old, he focuses on the waltz and really brings a true meaning to the phrase "raw talent". Without musicians like Rieu, we would not have the popular music today, his music is a building block for all other music to come.

Many people have not been introduced to the type of music that Rieu presents but if you do come across his music or ever obtain the opportunity to see this musical genius live then you need to take advantage of it. It is a culturally eye-opening experience to see this man perform and once you hear him play once then you will be hooked on his music for life. So escape from the world for a little while and enjoy the harmony that comes from Rieu's music…you will absolutely enjoy every second of it and leave wanting to hear more.


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