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Spanish Trail Horseback Adventures

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Spanish Trail Horseback AdventuresFor those of you wanting to spend some time in the great outdoors around Las Vegas, there are many trail rides that will give you some spectacular views and wonderful rides. The Spanish Trail horseback adventure is one such experience that will fulfill that desire with great satisfaction. One such venture is the Ol' Spanish Trail lunch ride where you are picked up and brought to the ranch where you are given a good old fashioned welcome by the ranch hands. Packing up and saddling your horse, getting you off on a fantastic adventure on a dusty trail through the desert lands that were ridden by the infamous and ordinary people of the early west. One trail stretched from Santa Fe all the way to Pueblo de Los Angeles and was the most used and popular during the 1850s. Upon your return, you will be treated to a fantastic lunch, authentic in every way, except it has been over 150 years since they first started. Cooked over an open pit, with mesquite wood, the barbeque is of ribs, chicken and hamburgers; with good old baked beans, potato salad, western style; and the pie of America; apple. This adventure takes about 5 hours and will give you the best time of your vacation or trip.

There are two different tours available at the many tours around the city; with the early one being the Doc Holliday breakfast ride. You will enjoy a robust breakfast, as the sun rises in the morning sky over the Nevada desert, pristine as it has been for the last 300 years. This hearty breakfast includes; pancakes, western style, bacon, sausage and orange juice. After finishing your meal, the cowboys will round up your horse and saddle him for the great trip you are about to take. This is a two hour ride along the Spanish trail, where explorers from Spain, settlers from the east, pioneers and outlaws once traveled so many years ago. The Spanish trail was the trade route of the old wild west, going from New Mexico, through Colorado and Utah, Nevada and into California. The Nevada trail is known as the Mormon Road Historic District that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Along the route, you will see jackrabbits, lizards, snakes and other wild creatures that make the desert their home. There is also a Dalton Gang lunch ride later in the day if you prefer with the ride coming first, and you will learn so much from your trail guide about the vegetation and wildlife that live in these parts. Then you return for a scrumptious meal mentioned above.

Another venue will take you riding through the Red Rock Canyon National Park and afterwards give you a western lunch with all the fixins. Here you will be picked up and taken to the ranch, where you will be matched up to the perfect horse for you, just right for the trail ride ahead and get you saddled and ready. Along this route, you will see jackrabbits, big horn sheep and road runners. The lunch after will include; angus burgers or chicken, baked beans, baked potato or potato salad and dessert. After this great desert lunch, you will be able to go to the cowboy town and visit a petting zoo. All offer a terrific day in the wild west and the fresh outdoors of the desert.


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Spanish Trail Horseback Adventures


This show is kid friendly.
There is NO nudity.

Show is closed Sundays and Mondays.
Show lasts 105 minutes.