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South Rim Bus Tour

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South Rim Bus TourEnjoying the Grand Canyon South Rim by bus is a wonderful way to see the canyon and all its natural wonders. The buses used today are always in great shape with safe drivers who double as the tour guides once arriving at the canyon. The buses have air conditioning, plush and comfortable seats, clean and sanitized restrooms and many have reclining seats with VCR/DVD players that allow you to view your favorite movies or shows if you would prefer that to the marvelous vistas that you will be traveling through.

First you will travel to the Hoover Dam, which was built in 1935 and is an engineering marvel. Over 700 feet below the dam is the raging Colorado River and on the other side is Lake Mead; off in the distance you will see the Black Canyon. The bus goes over the dam to the Arizona side allowing you some great photo ops of the dam, the lake and the river. Crossing back over, you can stop at the fortification hill that was erected to protect the dam during WWII. On the road again, you'll travel through areas where the big horn sheep live, Black Canyon and hear about the Pioneer Indian Wars, settlers, explorers, Spanish conquistadors, mountain men and missionaries. In Kingman, you can stop for a smoke, snack, drink or just to stretch your legs. Then you will travel on to Williams Arizona where the Grand Canyon Railroad is and a National Register of Historic Places. Enjoy a great lunch here and visit the museum, depot or the gift shop. Be sure to check with the driver to see how time you have. Then it's on to the Bright Angel Lodge with another museum, gift shop, and snack store. This is all in the Grand Canyon Historic Village district and another venue is the Hopi House with its own museum about the Native Americans and their gift shop. There is always plenty of time for exploring the area and finding the best photo opportunities. Make the most of your trip so you can share the memories with your family and friends.

Your time at the Grand Canyon will include stops at the best areas to view and photograph the wonderful sights of the canyon. They will be at the most panoramic, widest and deepest areas of the canyon with the most beautiful views in this canyon. Most of the tours will start early in the morning and last until the early evening depending upon your hours. It is a fantastic tour that will stay in your mind forever. With such grandeur available to you and your family, taking a relaxing bus ride is a great idea. Especially on the ride back to your destination. After riding and walking and sightseeing, it is such a pleasant moment not to worry about driving around in the evening not sure of what you will come across or where to go. There are numerous companies that offer bus tours to the Grand Canyon and will also have other side trips included. If you aren't familiar with the area and don't know about the many legends and stories; it is great to get them from specially trained and informed individuals. It makes the whole affair easier, less time consuming and more enjoyable in the end.


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South Rim Bus Tour


This show is kid friendly.
There is NO nudity.

Show is closed Sundays and Mondays.
Show lasts 105 minutes.