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Richard Petty Driving Experience Tours

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The Showgirl Must Go OnThe Richard Petty Driving Experience and Ride Along are perhaps two of the most legal ways to get an adrenalin rush in the world. Both are incredible excursions into the dimension of high speed, although with the ride along, you do go up to 160 miles per hour.

Upon arriving at the track, you sign the necessary liability forms, and then, if you are driving, given a real authentic racing suit to wear for your run. You watch the safety videos explaining the do's and don'ts and broken up into groups of 5, each with their own instructor. He takes you to the car you will be driving and explains it all to you. After learning about the car and some abilities, you will climb into a van and drive around the track with hints about the driving lines you should establish and follow, with added helpful information then in. After you have gotten all this useful info, you get to drive these massive machines with their 600 horsepower engines. These NASCAR speedsters are stripped to the bone with only seats, steering wheel, which is screwed on after your entry, shifter and a few buttons. It is surprising how different it feels in the seat of this big V-8 monster. After you are strapped in, and the steering wheel screwed on, you will wonder if you can shift this baby without grinding the heck out of the gears, but it ends up being pretty easy, because once you reach 4th gear, you won't be shifting any more, just zipping along with the wind whipping you in the face and that motor rumbling under your feet. Your speed is controlled on the track by following your instructor around. When he speeds up, you do too. You do 8 laps like this, getting the feel and gaining confidence about your abilities and the car's handling, then head in. After getting out, your instructor will give you the lap times, helpful insights and how you might improve; as well as what you did right and what you did wrong. Then you return to the track to do 10 more laps. The only drawback to most is that the top speed is only 140 miles per hour, but this is more than most people have ever driven in their lives.

The Ride Along experience involves you riding in the shotgun seat doing 3 laps with a professional driver going anywhere from 160 to 180 miles per hours. This experience is much less expensive and it just depends on whether you want to put the pedal to the metal or just watch the seats going by in one long fantastic blur. And it also depends whether you are a fan or not. Some people get so encouraged and hyped up on the rush that they do both of them. It all depends on you. But whatever you do decide, this in one time that you will know what those drivers are feeling as they fly around a 1.5 mile track going over 180 miles an hour. Of course they are doing it with a pack of others which makes it that much more dangerous than just yourself flying around in the only car. That is where the real moxie comes into play and why some can do better than others. It is just a matter of pushing that pedal a little bit more until you are the only one out there and having the best time of your life. Try it, you'll like it.


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Richard Petty Driving Experience Tours


This show is kid friendly.
There is NO nudity.

Show is closed Sundays and Mondays.
Show lasts 105 minutes.