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Neon Lights TourAn amazing sight tour to enjoy while in the city of Las Vegas is the neon lights tour that is available every night for the more adventurous visitor. Starting off in a fully equipped and air conditioned coach, you will have the company of a masterful tour guide very well acquainted with the city of lights. Envision the brilliance of the millions of lights that sparkle each and every night along the world's most famous strip. Enjoy the beautiful Eiffel Tower replica at the Paris, the gondolas of Venice or the spectacle of Rome. This city is alive with lights at night like no other city in the world; see fountains that will dance before your eyes, roaring white tigers and lions; volcanoes erupting like there was no tomorrow and at the Tropicana, flying acrobats. Sometimes walking, sometimes riding, your tour guide will relate to you all the interesting facts known about the sin city and some legends that aren't so well known.

Most of the tours are flexible enough so that you might get different venues on different nights making this tour a special event that shouldn't be missed. The Bellagio water fountains are an amazing sight as they dance away the night and you will have the advantage to view them from all sides as you glide along the strip. At the Treasure Island, you will see the Pirate ships and maybe a fight between the rogues that haunt these vessels at night. The Mirage has its volcanoes that erupt throughout the night bringing even more brilliance to the already fantastic show along the strip. Spend some time in the Gamblers Museum and visit the Glitter Gulch downtown. The famous Fremont Street experience has a wonderful light show of its own and will certainly amaze you. The end of the tour will take you high into the tower called Stratosphere, 1100 feet above the glitz and glamour; where your spectacular views will include the strip, downtown and the valley in all its magnificence. Always wear comfortable clothing and shoes, especially the shoes, as you will be walking so that you can get as close and personal to the sights as you want to. Great care is taken to make sure the tour guides are the most knowledgeable and conscientious people in the city. These companies want you to leave the tour with wonderful insight into their city and will make every effort to do so. That is why the tours are usually so flexible for their guests.

Most of the city's residents will admit that there are two main areas to the Las Vegas phenomenom; the mega casinos on the famous strip and the older ones downtown. Every so often, better and bigger additions adorn the scene, like the Bellagio, Paris and Venetian. The architecture is unbelievable and no amount of money matters. On these tours, you will see the very best and most expensive buildings in the world and learn how the city earned its title of entertainment capital of the world. On Fremont Street, the neon and hourly laser light show will bedazzle you with its 2 million lights in a five block area. Visit the Casino Legends Hall of Fame in the Tropicana Resort and Casino. Here the world's biggest and most unique exhibit of gambling artifacts are gathered and over 736 casinos are represented from the very beginning until now. Each year, an amazing 120,000 people get married in Vegas, including the king himself when he married Priscilla; and they even have a drive up window for those in a really big hurry to either get back to gambling or the privacy of their room. A great tour that will increase your knowledge of this great and marvelous city.


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