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Hoover Dam ToursThere are two tours available at the Hoover Dam, going down into the huge power plant that took almost 5 years and thousands of men and women to build in 1935. The favorite is the 30 minute tour taking you into the bowels of the power plant and observe the eight mighty turbine engines that send electricity to La Vegas and other cities of the west. As you enter the building, you will take an elevator down and go to the Visitor Center, where you will watch a film introducing you to the marvel known the world over. There are numerous exhibits highlighting the various stages of the work and building of the dam; then you will take another elevator for 70 seconds going down 530 feet through the Black Canyon walls, into a tunnel that was drilled during the building stages in the 1930s. The guide, from the Bureau of Reclamation, will tell you about the construction of the Hoover Dam and how it operates, while you are standing at the penstock viewing platform atop a 30 foot diameter pipe that pumps 90,000 gallons of water a second. There are four of these huge pipes in the area. It transfers the water from Lake Mead into the turbine engines creating one of the biggest hydroelectric plants in the world.

Then, you will take another elevator to the Nevada power plant balcony and the Nevada wind which spans 650 feet. The terrazzo floor designs are magnificent but strange being in this distant environment. As you return up by the elevator, you will exit into the exhibit floor with numerous displays of information and an observation deck.

The hour long tour takes you through the same areas mentioned above, but with special allowance to see some of the other areas that are not seen by the normal visitor. This will include inspection marking on the walls and a set of stairs that seemingly go into the dark confines of the dam's huge concrete. These areas are rarely seen and will add excitement and wonder to your tour.

There are other tour companies that will enhance this tour with a package to include other sites along the way. One such tour is the express which takes you by bus from Las Vegas to the dam site with narrations about Henderson, Green Valley and Boulder City. These tour buses are fully equipped with all the necessities and will allow you to spend two hours at the dam before heading back. On you way back, you will stop at Ethel M. Chocolate factory and view the beautiful botanical gardens while enjoying your free samples. The deluxe tour includes all of the above, but with lunch included and a stop at the Miracle Mile Mall. There are over a dozen restaurants where you can enjoy your lunch and view the many shops within. You will also receive a complimentary gift bag with numerous items, a limited edition post card pack and a Hilo Hattie gift with purchase, free Miracle Mile Mall Passport with savings coupons worth up to 2,000 dollars and a free booklet about the construction of the Hoover Dam. Not to mention a relaxing ride to and from your hotel with a great bus ride and driver, with all the knowledge needed to make them a wonderful tour guide.


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Hoover Dam Tours


This show is kid friendly.
There is NO nudity.

Show is closed Sundays and Mondays.
Show lasts 105 minutes.