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reserve your tickets now!Steve Wyrick Real Magic

at Planet Hollywood - 3667 Las Vegas Blvd South, - Las Vegas, NV 89109

The Showgirl Must Go OnThe Steve Wyrick Real Magic Show is held in his 34 million dollar complex in the Miracle Mile Shops. Wyrick’s show is the largest and most unbelievable illusions show on the Strip. When the show first starts, there is an explosion of lights, sounds, and dancer’s right before Wyrick appears on the stage with a full size AS350 helicopter. Wyrick says to the crowd that he hopes to make everyone feel like they are six years old again with the real magic he will be doing. The show is filled with the feelings of wonderment, curiosity, and surprise.

Steve Wyrick’s Real Magic Show has been amazing people since 1997 when he performed at the Lady Luck. His role has extended since then to an all around entertainer with Broadway dancing, comedy, and storytelling. Wyrick’s magic tricks are based upon his experiences through life such as a plane ride in the hanger with his father before he walks through the spinning turbine of a 747 with no effort and reappears with nothing wrong. The show also includes sexy dancers with dazzling costumes and a crazy soundtrack with everything from John Mayer to Rob Zombie. He does such mind blowing magic tricks the audience is truly amazed. He goes from standing on stage to reappear some where in the audience.

Steve Wyrick combines all different kinds of magic tricks from box tricks, Classical magic, and death defying stunts all mixed with comedy. He has a way of making anyone laugh, young and old. His style isn’t like all the other magicians on the Strip, Wyrick sports a black faux hawk with jeans and a stylish shirt with black boots. There are many times in the show when Wyrick relies on the audience’s participation for a trick. This could be very risky since he doesn’t know exactly what will be said or done. Wyrick seems ready for anything to happen though with his comedic come backs to everything an audience member says to him. He ends his show with making a Lear Jet 35 all of a sudden appear on his stage. Remember, this is Las Vegas! You can expect the best but still be amazed!


Videos of Steve Wyrick Real Magic Pictures of Steve Wyrick Real Magic


This show is kid friendly.
There is NO nudity.

Show is closed Sundays and Mondays.
Show lasts 105 minutes.

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