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Reserve your tickets today!Rita Rudner


Rita Rudner at Harrah's Hotel and CasinoRita Rudner is known as the queen of clever one liners as she delivers them one right after another. Her show is held at Harrah’s on the Las Vegas Strip. Rudner wears a sparkling gown during her show and has a very distinctive deadpan voice that is recognizable by everyone. Rita Rudner’s show consist of observations on everyday life that everyone can relate to somehow such as oddities of Las Vegas, getting older, the differences between men and women, along with the disadvantages of being married.

Rita’s show is clean and she does not use props or flashy objects to keep her audience entertained. She keeps the audiences attention with just simply her microphone and her witty sense of humor. At the start of her show she talks about life in Las Vegas as well as being a tourist in this unusual city. She says “I don’t care where you’re from, Las Vegas is the opposite of it.” Rudner then asks the audience if anyone has ever visited the Grand Canyon, she said she doesn’t like the helicopter tours but not because she thinks they are scary but because you have to give your weight. She then proceeds to say “If everyone is lying like I am, we’re going down!”

She also jokes to the audience about the topless pool in Vegas and the themes of the hotels in the city. She thinks it’s crazy that you can take a gondola to The Gap. She then continues to talk about getting older and things women do to keep their images looking younger. Rudner says women will do pretty much anything to avoid having wrinkles. She says “My aunt Sylvia just had herself laminated.” She also jokes around with audience and asks them questions about their family and having Botox. She jokes about aging such as being more forgetful and losing their eyesight and hearing which has the audience cracking up with laughs and head nods of agreement. She talks about turning 50 and women having hot flashes and how it’s probably from global warming.

One of Rudner’s favorite subjects is shopping as she tries to make the men in the audience understand why women think it’s so important. Another one of Rudner’s favorite things to joke about is the differences between men and women as she talks about common areas of disagreement between the two such as driving, reading maps, watching sports, and the reason why women love decorative pillows so much. Rita Rudner’s comedy show is easy for most people to relate to as she puts a spin on all subjects which make it funny and easy to laugh about.












Videos of Rita Rudner Pictures of RitaRudner


This show is kid friendly.
There is NO nudity.

Show is closed Sundays and Mondays.
Show lasts 105 minutes.

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