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The Magic and Tigers of Rick Thomas

at Hooters Hotel- 115 E Tropicana Ave, - Las Vegas, NV 89109

The Magic and Tigers of Rick Thomas at the Sahara The Magic of Rick Thomas is one of the most extraordinary shows on the Strip as Rick Thomas is named “Magician of the year.” This is an afternoon show that is said to be the most successful afternoon show on the Las Vegas Strip. The show is always changing and has many exciting surprises in one hour than any other show and anywhere else in Las Vegas.

Rick Thomas first started practicing magic at the age of seven and started performing magic at the age of 13 at 5 dollars per show. By the age of 18, Thomas was performing at Disneyland and after that he eventually worked his way onto cruise ships. Rick Thomas has been all over the world with his magic including a five year gig in Guam from the years of 1992 until 1997. Guam is where Thomas began to train with the tigers, after that is when he added them to his magic show. In his latest show called “The Art of Dreaming,” he gets the chance to make his dreams come true.

This show is truly amazing with great choreography, awesome dancers, exotic birds and royal white and orange Bengal tigers. When the show starts viewers watch as Rick appears out of thin air on a Harley Davidson motorcycle while his beautiful female dancers’ wave race flags all around him. Rick Thomas is widely known for his “Incredible Shrinking Tiger” illusion. He first leads his full grown white tiger named Samson into a box labeled “Wild Animal,” he then shrinks it in size and shows the audience a smaller version of Samson.

Most people would say “Majestic” is the best word to describe the Bengal tigers in Rick Thomas’ magical performances. Rick’s love and passion for magic is the same for his tigers, he is dedicated to his tigers just as much as his magic. Rick often says his show is not about the magic, he says it’s about the time him and the audiences are together because he loves to see their reaction. He likes to make sure his audience is entertained before anything else, once they are entertained then comes the magic. He says if they are fooled by the magic then it’s just a plus to the show and his performance.

Rick Thomas was one of the nation’s top rated ballroom dancers which give him graceful dance moves on the stage as part of his act. Rick Thomas simply loves magic and performing to make people laugh and have a great time.


Videos of The Magic of Rick Thomas Pictures of The Magic of Rick Thomas


This show is kid friendly.
There is NO nudity.

Show is closed Sundays and Mondays.
Show lasts 105 minutes.