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Reserve your tickets today!Mac King Comedy Magic


Mac King's Comedy Magic Show at Harrah's Las Vegas Mac King holds a comedy magic show at Harrah’s every afternoon which gives people a chance to enjoy some quirky jokes and mind blowing magic tricks. He wears a plaid suit and has a Southern charm that helps set the charm. King’s first trick is with a rope, he folds and cuts the rope but the rope doesn’t seem to change its length at all.

As King is doing his trick, he is also telling jokes to make the audience laugh. The illusions and the jokes make a perfect blend for the show and it makes it an even better comedy show with clever magic. At one point during the show King asks for a female volunteer for a card trick, once the women is up on stage and is shuffling the deck he will make a joke such as “You ever do any babysitting? Will you go sit on that baby?” as he refers to a crying baby in the audience and makes everyone laugh.

Another part of the show that is clever and puts a sweet spin on it is Fig Newton’s, when King goes to pull a card out of his pocket a Fig Newton appears instead. King then says “It’s time to go camping,” he walks into the audience to choose a kid around the age of 12 to be his assistant. Part of their camping excursion is where King asks the kid to hold a glass of water as he assembles his fishing rod. The Fig Newton’s appear on stage again but this time they are used for bait in the fishing sequence, King attaches it to the fish hook and immediately catches a gold fish out of mid air. King then uses an original yellow raincoat that turns into the “Cloak of Invisibility,” he does a humorous act as if he was floating and makes haunting sounds. Even though King did not really disappear while wearing the “magic cloak,” he does make it a great illusion that it does make him invisible.

The audience members that are chosen for his outrageous tricks and illusions make the show very exciting and unpredictable which makes each show different. One of his tricks or illusions is good for beer fans when King make a real bottle of Coors Light appear under a handkerchief and hands it to a male audience member. Mac King first took an interest into magic as a very young child, throughout high school and college he practiced on his family and friends. While he was attending college, King performed in a two person act with Lance Burton. Humor runs in his family, king says “Everyone in my family is really funny, humor is a big deal!” Anyone is bound to love this show and it’s a great afternoon delight.












Videos of Mac King Pictures of Mac King


This show is kid friendly.
There is NO nudity.

Show is closed Sundays and Mondays.
Show lasts 105 minutes.

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