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Lance Burton

at Monte Carlo - 3770 Las Vegas Blvd. South Las Vegas, NV 89109

Lance Burton at Monte Carlo - Las VegasLance Burton has a show at the Monte Carlo and has been amazing people for ten years at this resort. He makes people disappear into thin air, transforms a piece of paper into a dove, and makes a car appear. These are things lance Burton does on a daily basis and is pretty much normal to him. This show is one of the most popular and longest running magic show in Las Vegas.

Of course Burton is dressed in the tuxedo and tails which is the classical magician wardrobe. He begins every show by performing his famous sleight of hand tricks. The magic tricks Burton does will leave everyone in the audience with amazement and wondering how he does it. His speed and realization of objects disappearing and reappearing, birds come from scraps of paper, and paper that reassemble from being torn into pieces will leave you with your head shaking in amazement. What is even more amazing is those tricks are just his warm up tricks. So after he has warmed up the audience he invites them on a journey through magic. He tells a few subtle jokes and has Southern charm that is perfect for the audience. Burton takes you on a journey where Burton himself and his assistants all disappear and show up again in different parts of the theater. Burton also does a few tricks where he has a party of ducks that mysteriously multiply and a car that appears but then disappears with an audience member in it. Some people may think they know how some of his tricks are performed but Burton is so quick and accurate with his tricks that they are still left in amazement. Burton’s show is very family friendly, he likes to get as many kids as he can up on stage to help with some of the tricks. This is how Burton himself got caught up on magic by being pulled up on stage by a magician when he was a child. Burton is so good at what he does that he just automatically knows how to catch an audience and real them in with his tricks. This show will not disappoint anyone especially those interested in magic.


Videos of Lance Burton at The Monte Carlo Pictures of Lance Burton at The Monte Carlo


This show is kid friendly.
There is NO nudity.

Show is closed Sundays and Mondays.
Show lasts 105 minutes.

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