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reserve your tickets today!Jerry Seinfeld

at Caesar's Palace- 3645 South Las Vegas Blvd. - Las Vegas, NV 89109

Jerry SeinfeldJerome Allen Seinfeld, or Jerry as he later became known was born and raised in New York City. He is best known for his television series, Seinfeld; where he co-created, assisted writing and the last two shows, he was executive producer. He is considered a writer, actor and comedian, not necessarily in that order. His comedic style is observational comedy, meaning he takes the everyday ordinary things we see, do, hear and turns them into jokes. One thing for sure, he is a dedicated hard worker, not minding to do whatever it takes to get the job done, or to achieve his goals.

His first stint into television was in the series called Benson, where he played a mail delivery boy that had jokes that no one wanted to hear; and the year was 1979. Jerry said he showed up for work one day and found no script for him, so he gathered that he was fired. In 1981, he was on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and was a great hit. He became a regular on the show, as well as with David Letterman and Merv Griffin. Jerry created and starred in the Seinfeld Chronicles in 1989 but was changed to Seinfeld later so as to not confuse it with the short lived sitcom Marshall Chronicles. By the fourth year, 1993, it was the most popular sitcom on TV. It finally left the air in 1998, but even today, it still is watched through syndication. Jerry said that his show was patterned after the fabulous 50s sitcom, Abbott and Costello. His mother and aunt have told him long ago that although he was funny, he would never be as funny as his dad.

After leaving the show, Jerry decided to go back to stand-up rather than continue on in movies or television as most of the other comedians have done. He went on the road with his comedy special I'm telling you for the last time in 1998. The way of making and creating new material for his act were put together in a 2002 documentary entitled Comedian that also included fellow comedian Orny Adams. Jerry has written books about his past routines and continues to bring his humor to television and shows. He appeared in 2006 on an episode of Saturday Night Live with friend and fellow co-star from Seinfeld; Julia Louis-Dreyfus. During 2007, Jerry appeared on the 79th Academy Awards, 30 Rock and Larry King Live where he was insulted because Larry didn't have all his facts straight about the way Seinfeld ended. In 2008, Jerry appeared as the voice of Barry from the Bee movie at the 80th Academy Awards and made a tour. He was involved with some ads for the new Microsoft Windows Vista and then the ads were stopped. This year it has been announced that Jerry and his old cast mates will be appearing in an HBO series called Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Seinfeld has been associated with numerous books about him that he did not write, although the authors of those books have never been seen. One, Ted L. Nancy wrote Letters from a Nut and Ed Broth wrote Stories from a Moron. Some people believe they were written by Jerry using pseudonyms, but he won't say. He did attend a toast for the Ed Broth, but Ed never showed. His wife has been filed on by a lawsuit in 2008, where Missy Lapine stated that Jessica Seinfeld plagiarized her cookbook about getting children to eat good food. Missy was accused of trying to get publicity for her book by the Seinfeld's lawyer, but there didn't seem to be a resolution.


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This show is kid friendly.
There is NO nudity.

Show is closed Sundays and Mondays.
Show lasts 105 minutes.

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