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at Stratosphere - 2000 Las Vegas Boulevard South Las Vegas, NV 89109

Bite at the Stratosphere BITE is a Las Vegas show held at the Stratosphere Hotel in the Theater of The Stars Showroom. This is considered The Lord Vampire’s domain and devil’s den. This show is very different but exciting show with topless vampires and classic rock music. These topless vampires do hardcore dancing, superhuman tricks with strength, tragic magic, human flying, live singing, martial arts and contortion. All of these actions are done with the hot, erotic rock angels which make this show a must see attraction. The show tells a story of lost love, temptation, and redemption all through classic rock music. There is audience participation and interaction with this show as well, when Lord Vampire commands the Erotic Rock Angels to hunt down audience members to find his Queen of the night. This show of course is an adult experience that is erotic, sensual, thrashing, and sexual.

The age limit on this show is 18 and up. The dancers, also known as the rock angels, take audience members and has a little taste of them as they are dared them to howl at the moon and become immortal. The cast of the show consist of Lord Vampire who is the most powerful creature on earth. He is an amazing creature with much talent and intelligence who is simply searching for his Queen of the Night. He knows martial arts and performs spells, magic, and illusions to seduce and display his amount of control. Lord Vampire also plays the piano like Chopin to compose his magical music of the night. The Queen of the Night is an immortal woman that is chosen from the audience by Lord Vampire. The Queen must be very beautiful, have a great hard body and be willing to live immortal once bitten. Her innocence would be forever lost after this happens. The Coven is the Erotic Rock Angels that hunt and feed on humans to pleasure their sexual needs.

Each of these Erotic Rock Angels is very talented in a genre of dance and performing arts. They can choose how they want to get their prey by either seducing them or simply over powering them. Within the Coven there is CAT Vamp, TUSH Vamp, ICE Vamp, FIRE Vamp, PAIN Vamp, and SHIMMY Vamp. The Rocket Man and Wife is a couple that is also chosen from the audience to join the immortal coven. Once they are bitten they are given special powers that will allow them to have control over the air. Rockstar is another audience member who is chosen to join the coven as well. He is overpowered by the Lord Vampire and seduced by the Rock Angels and taken to the immortal side. Once he is bitten he is able to overcome his mortal presence and turns into a true rock star vocalist. This is one show adults do not want to miss. There is never a dull moment.


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This show is kid friendly.
There is NO nudity.

Show is closed Sundays and Mondays.
Show lasts 105 minutes.

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