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Luxor Hotel and Casino

Luxor Hotel and Casino 3900 Las Vegas Blvd. South Las Vegas, NV 89119

Luxor HotelThere are many, various hotels located all up and down the strip in the Las Vegas area. So, naturally you would have to decide which hotel or resort to stay. There are so many choices that it may seem a bit overwhelming. Not to worry, because we have a great suggestion for you, one of the most famous hotels on the Las Vegas strip…the world famous Luxor Hotel and Casino.

The Luxor Hotel and Casino is located in the middle of everything on the strip in Las Vegas. Although it is in close proximity to everything that you would ever want to do in Vegas, there are a ton of things to do right inside this enormous hotel. Between shows, casino, night clubs and attractions, one thing is for sure and that is there will always be something to do. In fact, you may want to consider staying a bit longer just so you can see and do everything that Vegas and the Luxor have to offer. We will give you a brief overview on what is happening at the Luxor.

Let’s take a look at the first show on the list, Criss Angel’s Believe. Many of you will recognize Criss Angel from his television show, Mind Freak. Well, he has moved to Las Vegas to bring you one of the most mystifying shows anywhere on the strip or the world for that matter. Criss has implemented the high flying and jaw-dropping cast of Cirque Du Soleil for that added wow factor. If you walk away from this show with anything other than total awe, then you were not at the right show. This is an amazing show that you definitely do not want to miss.

Now, let’s move on to the sensual show known as Fantasy. Fantasy is an adult only show that is perfect for you and your significant other. Spend the evening watching beautiful, world class Las Vegas show girls put on a most enlivening and sexy show. Fantasy uses a modern choreography, yet imposes a seductive flare of an old fashion, topless revue. You will have a great, eye-opening time when you make Fantasy a part of one of your night s in Vegas.

Moving on, we change directions a bit and head over to the comedy corner off the Luxor with a show from the most hilarious Carrot Top. Carrot Top is well known all over Vegas. In fact, Carrot Top is known the world over for his comical styling that mainly include the use of props and inventions that he has constructed himself. He has made numerous appearances on the late night circuit that include Jimmy Kimmel, Craig Ferguson and The Tonight Show. Carrot Top also holds an award for the “Entertainer of the Year”. You will laugh until it hurts when you watch Carrot Top at the Luxor Hotel and Casino.

Last, but certainly not least, we give you Menopause the Musical. Menopause is the story of four women going through one of the most difficult times that every woman must go through in their life…menopause. You will laugh that night away as you listen to parody productions of famous songs that span from the 60’s to the 80’s. For example, you’ll hear a recreation of “Puff the Magic Dragon” called “Puff, My God I’m Draggin’” and who can forget the timeless “Stayin’ Awake, Stayin’ Awake” (better known to all of us as “Staying Alive” from the Bee Gees). Men and husbands don’t look at this show as a woman’s only show because you will fit right in and enjoy as much as the women will. So, one night make it a plan to go and see the fabulous Menopause the Musical.

As if all of these shows weren’t enough to keep you occupied for your stay in Las Vegas’ Luxor Hotel and Casino, there is still much more in the form of bars, clubs and casinos. The Luxor plays host to some of the most famous bars in the country, some known for their celebrity draw. For instance, let’ look at LAX Nightclub in the Luxor. LAX is one of the hottest bars on the strip. Celebrities from Britney Spears to Chuck Liddell have been known to frequent LAX. Be sure to check it out while you are staying at the Luxor. There are other bars there that showcase social gaming like the Flight Bar and the Play Bar. Other bars offer a more intimate setting like the Noir Bar and High Bar. Make the rounds to all of the clubs and bars that the Luxor has to offer and you are sure to have a magnificent night out.

The Luxor is home to some of the finest restaurants in Las Vegas. Whether you are in the mood for a buffet, a nice and juicy steak or a more intimate setting, you need go no further than the Luxor. With delicious restaurants like Company Kitchen and Pub House, TENDER Steak and Seafood and the elegant Fusia Luxor, you will not need to go anywhere else on the strip to find something great to eat. Be sure to check out the restaurants that the Luxor has to offer before heading out.

Top this off with a world famous casino and you will see what makes the Luxor Hotel and Casino one of the premiere places to stay while you are in the Las Vegas area. You cannot miss the hotel. The Luxor is the second largest hotel in the world. It boasts one of the brightest lights in the world. The light has been known to be visible to aircraft that is hundreds of miles away. From across the street, the front of the Luxor looks like it has plucked from the Giza in Egypt, complete with a multiple story recreation of the Lynx. It is truly an amazing site to see, even if you are not staying there.

We offer some of the greatest deals on Vegas tickets and attractions are right here on this very site. Take a look around and find the deal that is right for you. Las Vegas is a great place to take a vacation, so why don’t you get out there and see this wondrous city in the desert. Whatever you decide to do in Las Vegas, just make sure that you have a great time doing it.


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