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Hard Rock Hotel and Casino


All around the nation the name Hard Rock is known for its lively parties, concerts and hotels. The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas does not fall short of it’s expectations. It offers 6 different kinds of rooms: The Deluxe Suite a spacious intimate room with a great view of the strip, The Celebrity suite a 1,300 square foot room filled and designed with soft colors and modern furniture, The Executive Suite a 540 square foot suit that comes with a 32 inch flat screen TV and a couch, The Penthouse is the most spectacular room with a Jacuzzi with a view of the strip and a single lane bowling alley, A guest room which is a standard room in the hotel.

The entertainment at the Hard Rock cannot be described in one genre, one night you can have live professional boxing, and the next you can have a rock ban driving the crowd wild. The Hard Rock has 7 different nightlife possibilities: The Joint is a classic place in Las Vegas that has been around for a while, once knocked down before The Joint has been rebuilt and has more VIP lounges for its guests. Body English is a very well designed club with gold fixtures all around, even the faucets in the bathrooms are golden swans!

Body English has a very unique setting and is one of the most interesting clubs in Las Vegas. Wasted Space is a club based solely on Rock ‘n Roll where live performers play music in the background of this concert like setting. Rehab is becoming a more and more popular attraction. Rehab cannot be considered a night club because it takes place during the day, it also cannot be considered a club at all because it takes place in a pool! Rehab is a gigantic pool party where the rich and famous play on Sundays. Other than Rehab Hard Rock Hotel also uses it’s pool for “seating” for it’s Bud Light sponsored live performances during the day.

The Hard Rock Casino is an asset to the Hotel and Las Vegas all together. With a poker lounge, a new themed blackjack game called “Hell’s Bellies”, many slot machines, and table games the Hard Rock Casino is a must if you are even considering gambling in Las Vegas during your stay at any hotel in the area.

The Hard Rock Hotel has 6 major nearby dining options where visitors can enjoy themselves. Ago a Tuscan style Italian restaurant, Rare 120º a non-traditional steakhouse, Pink Taco a recently renovated Mexican themed restaurant, Mr. Lucky’s 24-7 an American Family themed restaurant, Nobu a Japanese themed restaurant, and a world known Starbucks located directly inside the hotel. Along with those great amenities the hard Rock also offers a spa and many options for shopping as well.

The Hard Rock is for the type of visitors who love the lively theme or the non-stop party goers, if you fit into those categories then the Hard Rock is a great place for you to stay.


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