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Fremont Street Experience
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Fremont Hotel and Casino

200 E. Fremont Street, Las Vegas, NV 89101

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Fremont Hotel and Casino Las Vegas, Nevada is a great place to take a vacation. In fact, it is one of the most popular destinations to take a break from everyday life. There is so much to do and see in Las Vegas, a may seem a bit overwhelming. However, when you stay a while in a popular hotel on or near the strip, you can rest assured that seeing everything that you want to is not the impossible task that it once seemed. One of the best hotels to stay at while you are in Las Vegas is the Fremont Hotel and Casino.

Fremont Hotel and Casino is located on Fremont Street in what is known as downtown Las Vegas. The hotel is close enough to everything that you want to do on the strip and far enough away to get away from the somewhat busy atmosphere of Las Vegas. The Fremont Hotel has all of the amenities, games and restaurants that you would expect a Las Vegas hotel to have. Let’s explore some of these places at the Fremont Hotel.

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First and foremost, we should look at one of the most popular reasons that people decide to make Las Vega their vacation destination, the shows. There are so many big-name shows that call the Las Vegas area their home. You can catch various singers, comedians or shows everywhere that you turn. While you are staying at the Fremont Hotel and Casino, you can see some of the most fantastic shows anywhere on the strip. All that you have to do is walk out of the hotel and just look around on Fremont Street. Fremont Street is home to the largest visual display screen in the world, Viva Vision. To accompany this gigantic screen is a 550,000 watt sound system that pumps out an amazing concert-like experience.

If that was not enough to get your senses moving, Fremont Street also plays host to a number of concerts and performances. You can watch anyone from Three Dog Night to the absolutely amazing Woodstock Tribute Bands. There is always something going on just outside the hotel on Fremont Street, just be sure to check what is going on when you arrive because there are many different events that are always going on. This experience alone is enough to provide you with a lifetime of memories.

Another reason that many people take a vacation to Las Vegas is to try their luck at the enormous social gaming network. The casinos are a huge part of the Las Vegas scene. With so many casinos that are lined up and down the strip your choices are endless. You do not have to venture out on the strip to find a world class casino to game in; you can find one right in the comfort of your hotel. The Fremont Hotel’s casino provides you with 32,000 square feet of gaming, giving you the ultimate casino experience. The casino boasts brand new slot machines, race and sports books, and everyone’s favorite table games. Be sure to check out everything that the Fremont Hotel and Casino has to offer.

After a day of exciting activities and gaming, it is time to check out all of the magnificent restaurants that the Fremont Hotel and Casino has nestled inside. You can find a variety of different restaurants in the hotel; it just depends on what your taste buds are in the mood for. One thing that Las Vegas is known for, as far as food goes, is the buffet and you can find a wonderful one right here at the Fremont. The Paradise Buffet and Café is set in a tropical rainforest environment and in the restaurant you can get anything from a variety of breakfast foods to sushi. For something a bit more intimate, be sure to check out the Second Street Grill, where the best in American Cuisine meets the tasty influences of the Pacific Rim. There are other restaurants located at the Fremont like Tony Romas, Lanai Express and Dunkin’ Donuts.

There are many fabulous activities, restaurants, gaming and bars that you can find at the Fremont Hotel and Casino. You can check back right here on this website for exciting discounts and the hottest specials on Vegas tickets for shows and attractions. Have an outstanding vacation when you decide to visit the Las Vegas area.


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