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Ichiban SushiIchiban is the Japanese restaurant located inside Bally's at Las Vegas, offering a rotating sushi bar, with the many tasteful selections of fish, rice, vegetables and more coming around for you to taste without moving from your seat. Chopsticks are the traditional methods of eating this delicacy and aren't too difficult to use once you learn how. You can also opt for a regular table with service and all the wonderful menu items brought by a server to your table, as well as soba and uban soups, sake, wine and beer imported from the orient to accentuate the wonderful meal you order.

Nigirizushi is hand formed sushi, made of an egg shaped mound of rice or more properly vinegar rice and pressed between the hands with toppings such as salmon, tuna, or seafood and bound to the rice by strips called nori or tako (octopus), unagi (freshwater eel), anago (sea eel) and tamago (sweet egg) and usually served in pairs. Gunkanmaki is a warship roll similar to nigiri, but more oval in shape and the hand formed sushi rice is filled with soft, loosely filled food needing the nori to hold it all together. The filling could be rabbit, oysters, sea urchins, quail eggs or corn with mayonnaise. The main ingredient in all the various types of sushi is the sushi rice with many different kinds of fillings and toppings with spices to change the flavors. At the Ichiban Sushi, the ingredients are always fresh, especially the seafood that is brought in daily to make sure that the final results are as tasteful as possible. The strictest guidelines are adhered to, avoiding any possibility that a guest might get some untasteful or unhappy results. Special emphasis is placed on this process at the Ichiban, since the reputation of Bally's is important worldwide. The service is impeccable, with very attentive people always ready to help or teach the newcomer what they need want to know. Since the menu here is offered in Japanese and English, it is a great place to eat, as Japanese visitors come here to sample the freshness and tastefulness of the food served up. They know what the final product should taste like and are not thrilled when a restaurant in the U.S. is serving something that isn't what it is supposed to be. Whenever you visit an eating establishment, check the menu to see if the cuisine being offered is written in just one language or both the original and English. This will tell the guest wil be getting the best ingredients, cooked and served in the proper way.

In many restaurants, like Ichiban, the nori or strip of seaweed or fish to hold all the fillings inside the rice, is usually not needed since the fish is so fresh that it adheres and holds the nigiri altogether. Often called two kinds sushi, because it contains the sushi rice and a topping. The topping is called neta and is regularly some kind of fish as mentioned above. Usually the nigiri is served on platter with various kinds so that the different tastes can be enjoyed. Most of all, you should enjoy eating raw fish in any form.


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