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Circo At Bellagio

at The MGM Grand - 3799 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, - Las Vegas, NV 89109

Reservations: Recommended by calling 702.693.8150.

The Circo Bellagio Circo is a restaurant located in the Bellagio. This restaurant is a gourmet purveying Maccioni family tradition which has now extended to its second generation with Mario, Marco, and Mauro. This helps to give more passion to your palate. This is indeed the same family that brings you Le Cirque, unfortunately going to one does not excuse anyone from going to the other as well.

Circo is the less expensive of the two but just a reminder that “less expensive” is a relative term, we are in Las Vegas. Circo is known to be one of the best and most elegant Italian restaurants in Las Vegas. The Service here never misses a beat and the view of the water show is a great addition to being an amazing restaurant. Chef James Benson has some great cooking which includes the white truffles in season and mallderettus along with peerless herb crusted rack of lamb will all have your taste buds jumping for joy and wanting more.

The wine list has over 400 different kinds of wines to choose from which offers something for everyone. Circo is open daily from 5:30PM until 10:30PM, the attire required to dinner is elegant and reservations are suggested. Circo has won the 2004 Epicurean Award for Best Restaurant on the Strip. The bright color scheme and the Italian circus characters that the restaurant is decorated with is to evoke the circus theme, most people like the décor while others are amazed at the view of the dancing Bellagio Fountains.

The menu here at Circo is based on a Tuscan inspired taste which has many different types of choices from appetizers and pastas to rotisserie dishes and beef and seafood entrees. The restaurant also has some private dining if needed for birthdays, anniversaries, or office meetings. This restaurant will satisfy anyone for any taste and has a great view of the fountains, how could it get any better?


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