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at The MGM Grand - 3799 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, - Las Vegas, NV 89109

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The Showgirl Must Go OnWelcome to the MGM Grand and the next innovative triumph of Cirque du Soleil; KA, a unique theatrical extravaganza with martial arts, puppetry, multi-media and out of this acrobatics. With the usual or really the unusual descriptive storytelling of the Cirque, this incredible story is about a set of twins, a girl and boy, in the midst of a celebration when their palace is attacked by evil soldiers; separated by the events, they are left to find each other and gain their home back. Intent on fulfilling their destinies by a dangerous journey, these twins must face the world as individuals in order to gain their sibling back. As they progress, the twins encounter events and characters representing the good and evil loose in the world. One scene takes place in a jungle where the sister encounters strange creatures that ascend and descent with flips, jumps and other ways from vines on the trees. Magically the setting changes into the stronghold of the mad ruler and his evil soldiers with the lush tropical jungle gone in a second and the dark, mysterious stage becomes the lair. As their world becomes a victim to the evil and is destroyed, they acquire a magic amulet that will protect them from the evil forces in this world. As the story unfolds further, perils await them all around. Upon entering the theater, you will be intrigued by the enormous pillars that line the walls with tribal warriors posted on the top; what makes these figures more startling is that bungee cords are attached and they swoop to the floor with the grace of birds and then retrace their moves back to the tops. Certainly awesome and inspiring as these deft creatures can move perpendicular with the greatest of each and agility. In the final scenes, the stage once again magically goes into a battlefield with the twins fighting to regain their homeland. Running and fighting on the vertical side of the stage, these acrobats amaze the audience with incredible agility and maneuvers. Upon winning the battle, fireworks, dancing and music permeates the theater bringing the whole story to a crashing crescendo.

With great pomp and pageantry, Cirque du Soleil produces another cinematic event of colossal magnitude live and surreal guiding you through a story more so than any other masterful production. It is the fourth such endeavor after Mystere, Love, Zumanity and O. It is the most spectacular creation ever performed onstage, with all the flowery puppetry, explosive pyrotechnics, worldwide martial arts and acrobatic skills that have endeared this phenomenon all over the world. Using the visual language of the stage more so than any other production, KA continuously keeps your attention with the marvelous feats of acrobats, martial arts and colorful creations. It is a huge show and for anyone that has seen a Cirque du Soleil show will absolutely want to enjoy this one. With great indulgence, the scenery, and it is majestic, seems to wrap itself around the theater with you inside; actually making it seem like you are a part of the entire show. The drama increases as performers arrive into the show from various vantage points which you don't realize until they appear; as if by magic. Sometimes you will be startled as an actor comes up near you and they are carrying a bow and arrow, preparing for some great war battle.

As is usual with the Cirque, there is little if any dialogue, just a short narrative before the beginning to bring you into the plot. After that, only the magnificent performance and brilliant special effects unfold the dramatic story. One of the most magical effects is the changing scene of the stage, as it metamorphs before your eyes and senses from a violent sea, floating barge, snowy mountain, beach and other exotic landscapes.


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This show is kid friendly.
There is NO nudity.

Show is closed Sundays and Mondays.
Show lasts 105 minutes.