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Luxor Hotel and Casino 3900 Las Vegas Blvd. South Las Vegas, NV 89119

For general information, please call us at 702-262-4444.

Liquidity NightclubWhen you are in Las Vegas, chances are that you are going to find something that you want to do while you are staying there. There are figuratively tons of shows, attractions and casino that are littered around and up and down the strip. Along with all of the shows and casino you will also find a plethora of bars and clubs that you can go to party the night away. One bar, in particular, that you should definitely visit while you are on the Las Vegas strip is a little hot spot called Liquidity.

Liquidity is located inside the famous and impressive Luxor Hotel and Casino, and you know that if there is a bar that is inside this hotel it is going to be nothing short of amazing. You will notice Liquidity as soon as you enter the Luxor. You will see the sign that reads Liquidity above the entrance of the club and then you know that you’ve made it to one of the premiere clubs in all of Ls Vegas. So, go on in and see what this amazing club has to offer to make your night a most memorable one.

As you can probably tell be the unique name of the club, Liquidity draws its inspiration from one of the four elements on earth, and that is liquid or water. Combine that with a truly modern design flare, an awesome bar, three lounges and unbelievable entertainment and you have Liquidity. The interior design alone is enough to keep you intrigued all night long. High-end projectors cast amazing and imaginative images of flowing water all along the walls of the club to bring you some fascinating visual poetry that you can’t even witness in some art galleries.

Once you are in and see all of the mesmerizing walls of water, head over to the bar where the bartender can make you anything that you would like. Try something new while you are at the bar, for Liquidity is home to some of the most famous specialty drinks anywhere in Vegas. If specialty and mixed drinks are not your forte, then check out their wine list. With wines from all over the world, you are sure to find one that will have your taste buds singing. Whatever you are in the mood for, you can bet that you will have it in front of you before you know it.

Liquidity is also known around town for playing some of the most internationally recognized music anywhere on the strip. The house DJ will play music that you can really get down to all night long. A trip to the strip would certainly be incomplete without at least one night at Liquidity. Be sure to call ahead and make reservations or just to see what the night’s activities will be.

Please, come back to our site periodically to see the hot deals and spectacular specials we have for anything that you are looking for in Las Vegas. Whether you are in Vegas for the shows, the casinos, the attractions or the clubs, just make sure that you are having a great time doing it and let us help you make it all happen with the specials that we offer.

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