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Reserve ButtonLax Nightclub at the Luxor

at Bellagio- 3600 Las Luxor Hotel and Casino 3900 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89119

For general information, please call us at 702-262-4444.

Lax Nightclub When you visit Las Vegas, one thing that you definitely not have to worry about is trying to find something to do. There are literally thousands of hot spots located throughout the entire city, so you are bound to wind up at one or two during your stay. All of the hotels and resorts in town have their own nightclubs and bars, and each has their own unique style that draws in the crowd. So, now which one do you go to for a night of fun? Well, if you are in doubt look no further than the famous LAX Night Club at the Luxor in Las Vegas, Nevada.

LAX Night Club is located on the strip and is open to anyone that wants to have a great night out. Sure, there is a line and a cover charge (in fact, so does mostly every other club in town), but it is well worth it. The drinks inside are reasonably priced and absolutely delicious. The DJ plays the music that the crowd wants to hear, and once the speakers start pumping that music, the dance floor fills up like your next drink. LAX is certainly a club that you should check out before your time in Vegas is through.

You are sure to have a most memorable night when you decide to take your party to LAX at the Luxor Hotel and Casino. Be sure you keep an eye open and your camera ready because you never know who might roll through the Gothic style doors. LAX Night Club has been known to play host to a number of celebrity celebrations and has also been known as a spot where random celebrities spend their evening. You never know who you might see when you are dancing the night away at LAX.

If you want to bypass the line, be sure to check the reservations out and get a table so you are not the one waiting to get into this exclusive night club. Don’t worry, though, even if you do not make reservations, you will still have a night of great music, drinks and fun. If you are staying at the Luxor, there really is no excuse not to go and check out what is hopping down at LAX. The smooth lighting, elegant décor and party atmosphere will certainly get you in the mood to party.

There is a dress code at LAX, so be sure to call information or check your room information to see what is acceptable and what is not. You can always come back to this website to check out some great specials and deals for LAX Night Club at the Luxor Hotel. Whatever you decide to do while staying in Las Vegas, just be sure to have a great time during your stay.

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