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at Bellagio- 3600 Las Vegas Blvd S Las Vegas, NV 89109 702-693-7111

Free admission and open to the public!

The Fontana Bar at the BellagioFontana Bar at the Bellagio is a spectacular place to watch the Musical Fountains that come to life on the 8 acre lake at the Bellagio. Whether you are inside the bar or out on the patio you are guaranteed a great view of the fountains. The Fontana Bar has live entertainment, a very large dance floor, and everyone’s favorite fine wines, cognacs, mixed drinks, and imported beers.

The Fontana Bar is an elegant bar and lounge that is very stylish. Even the outside patio has an elegant style to it. It is known as one of the best places to get specially crafted cocktails. The bar is on the Strip but is also out of the way of the hustle and bustle of the usual Las Vegas fast pace life. This is a great spot for a slightly quieter and relaxed place to go on the Strip but it still gives an entertaining night out. Not to mention it is a romantic spot for couples to enjoy a night together.

The drinks are mixed very well and of course they are a bit pricey but what else can you expect when visiting the Bellagio. Two of the most popular mixed concoctions are the Bellini and the Casino Cocktail. The Fontana Bar and Lounge opens at 5pm every night and is located right off of the casino in the Bellagio. There is a live band that plays every night and a dance floor for anyone that gets the urge to dance. There is no cover charge at the door to get into the bar but after entering the bar you are expected to buy a drink.

The sitting arrangements in the bar are one of the very comfy upholstered armchairs that are next to the tables or one of the inviting couches in the back to cozy up to your significant other. If you would much rather be a little more away from the music, the patio is the place to be where you can also watch the Fountains music show. The interior of the bar is covered with deep red walls and flowered carpet. The ceiling is white and gold which keeps the Bellagio’s luxurious style. The staff here in very friendly and there is usually a wide variety of people ranging from ages of mid twenties to fifties. It is a highly recommended place for anyone to have a drink relax and listen to some great music.

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