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Reserve ButtonThe Stratosphere C Bar

2000 Las Vegas Boulevard South • Las Vegas, NV 89104

For great information about the C Bar, call:
(702) 380-7777

The C Bar at the Statosphere The C Bar is located in the Stratosphere, no matter what you are visiting the Stratosphere for make a pit stop in the C Bar. The C Bar is simply a place to go for relaxation, people watching, or just to have a drink or two while waiting to start the rest of the night. This bar could perfect for just a quick stop for a drink or two or somewhere to spend the whole night, either way it is a perfect spot to enjoy a part of Las Vegas.

C Bar is a casino bar that is located right in the middle of the casino floor at the Stratosphere, but there is one thing about this bar that is very unique. With the people from the casino coming in and the people going out seem to make a great vibe personality wise. The crowd here can get very lively but friendly at the same time, and then there are the stragglers which make hanging out at the C Bar worth every minute.

The drink specials are a little cheaper rather than at some of the other hotel bars. The atmosphere here is ready for anyone and everyone to socialize. The style and décor of this bar is really unique and interesting. Of course it is located in the Stratosphere Hotel so it is a round bar, but it has bright colored florescent lights and contemporary style furniture. There are plasma screens all over with the latest music videos playing and puts you in a fantasy world. The lighting is dim in the bar but it glows with multicolored neon lights.

All the seats in the bar are considered the best seats in the house and everyone’s visit here is guaranteed to be a rocking great time. Guests can sign up for an Ultimate Rewards Club Card which lets you receive benefits immediately. This Ultimate Rewards Club Card offers Bottomless happy Hour that starts at 4PM until 8PM. There are also Bottomless Margaritas, martinis, or draft beer all for just $19.99, you can’t get a better deal on drinks anywhere in Las Vegas.

Of course the DJ keeps up the latest hot music going all night long for people to get their groove on or just sit and relax to great music. Guests coming to the C Bar will not be upset.

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