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2000 Las Vegas Boulevard South • Las Vegas, NV 89104

XScream The Ride at the StratosphereWhen planning out a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada, you want to make sure that you plan to see everything that this fabulous little city has to offer. Many people associate Las Vegas with social gaming casinos and the wonderful shows that you can only see and do while visiting here. While it is true that you can find more than enough casinos and shows to visit, Las Vegas is also home to numerous attractions and rides; in fact Las Vegas is home to some of the tallest and innovative rides and attractions this side of the Mississippi. One attraction that is sure to get your adrenaline pumping is the X-Scream ride at the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino.

Located high above the strip in Las Vegas, and atop one of the tallest buildings there, is the thrill ride and attraction, X-Scream. This reputation of this cutting-edge ride is one that you would come to expect from a city like Las Vegas. It certainly one of the scariest rides in the West. This ride is not for people who have weak stomachs, fear of heights or the faint of heart, or it could very well be if you are looking to face some of those things head on. If you are looking for something to do one day in Vegas, something that will definitely leave a last impression, you should come and check out the X-Scream on the Stratosphere.

You begin your journey just outside of the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino, but before you walk into the building you will notice that there is something dangling off the top of this 1,149 ft structure. You see what appear to be people on board, but you are not certain because you cannot hear any screams. Certainly, if people where being tossed over the side of a building of this scale, and then hung in the air over the top of the strip, you should hear some sort of panic, right? No, the height of this hotel alone is quite deafening, so you hear nothing.

You climb to top of this impressive structure and you open the doors that lead you directly where you were looking up just moments before, the roof. You look around and to your amazement; you see rides, rides on top of a building that is over 1100 ft tall. Then you see what has been haunting you for the whole ride up to the top X-Scream. X-Scream is like a gigantic, iron-clad see-saw like structure that has seats for seven brave souls, and being the thrill-seeker that you are, you decide that you have to go on a ride, so you jump on the first available spot.

The attendants strap you in and quickly move away from the ride and you sit there and wait for it to begin. Before you know it, you are jettisoned out over the edge of the building and you then begin to realize what you saw before you entered the Stratosphere, it was people who were hanging over the building and now you are one of them. As you are held out over the city strip by a gigantic metal arm, you start to get the sensation that you are weightless, but just as that thought enters you mind, you are then rocketed backwards and the entire process happens again and then once more.

Congratulations, you have just survived the X-Scream. That wasn’t so bad, now, was it? You can find more exciting rides like this all over the Las Vegas strip and all over the Las Vegas area. While you are walking around the city, be sure to check out everything that this city has to offer and all of the greatest deals on discount Vegas attraction tickets. You will have a great time when you visit Las Vegas and see the wonderful attractions that the city has to for you.


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