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Wildlife People flock to Las Vegas because they are looking to get away from everyday life and a vacation that is filled with as much fun and excitement as one could have. There is great reason why Las Vegas has this great reputation and that is because of all the wonderful things that the city has to offer. If you are a fan of social gaming, you probably all ready know that Vegas is going to hold a special place in your heart because of all of the legendary casinos that call “The Strip” their home. If you are not so much of a gamer, you shouldn’t worry because another thing that Las Vegas is known for is its spectacular shows that are in virtually every hotel and theater up and down the main street. Now, these two things are probably the main activities that people think of when they think of Las Vegas, but those are not the only reasons why Vegas is so phenomenal. Las Vegas is home to a slew of attractions that will have you running around like a child in a candy store all night long. One such attraction is located in the famous Flamingo Hotel and Casino and that is the Wildlife Habitat at the Flamingo.

When you enter the Flamingo Hotel and Casino, you will instantly know why it is one key landmark in the entire city. As you walk into the lobby, you will notice the elegance of everything that is in there. You will notice the shops and the one thing that certainly stands out in the lobby is the gigantic casino. However, once you get past all of that, you see something coming up; something that is full of beauty and intrigue, and that is the lovely Wildlife Habitat. At the Wildlife Habitat, you will see a variety of animals, each in an atmosphere that closely resembles their natural home.

While strolling through the Wildlife Habitat at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino, you will see a wide selection of animals from different parts of the world. In one section, you will see all sorts of water-lovers, like koi and turtles; in another section you will see diverse selection of birds, like flamingos (of course), ducks and penguins. The cool thing about the penguin exhibit is that twice a day you will have the opportunity to watch these cold weather birds at feeding time.

You will have a great time when you pay a visit to the Wildlife Habitat, and do not think that you have to be staying at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino to check it out. Wherever you are staying in the Las Vegas area, do yourself a favor and check out this amazing Las Vegas attraction. One thing that you don’t want to miss out on is all of the amazing deals you will be able to get on great specials on Vegas attraction tickets. So, make your way down to the Flamingo Hotel to check out this fabulous attraction.


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This show is kid friendly..
There is NO nudity.

Show is closed Sundays and Mondays.
Show lasts 105 minutes.