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Luxor Hotel and Casino 3900 Las Vegas Blvd. South Las Vegas, NV 89119

Titanic The ExhibitionThere are many things to do when you hit the strip in Las Vegas. Of course, you have all of the things that first come to mind when you think of Vegas, like the casinos, the night life and the shows. Although all of these things are fun and great to experience, there is another side of Vegas to see while you are there and that’s the attractions. There are many attractions that are lined up and down the strip in Las Vegas, and each has its own style, but there is one in particular that you should make it a point to see while you are there. The Titanic the Artifact Exhibition is a must see when you are in the Las Vegas area.

The Titanic is one of the most well known tragedies in the history of cruise travel. The Titanic began her fateful journey on April 10, 1912, as she set sail for New York from Southampton, England. Titanic made her first stop in France, and then made a stop in Ireland, before she started the long haul across the northern Atlantic Ocean. Both stops were to pick up additional passengers that were eager to board this brand new luxury liner. Titanic spent the first three days of her maiden transatlantic voyage hassle free and cruise full steam ahead for her destination. However, the fourth day proved to be more trouble than anyone could ever imagine.

The Titanic was labeled “unsinkable” by many of the people who designed and constructed her. They were so convinced that the mighty Titanic could not sink that they did not put the proper number of lifeboats on board. Well, that was one reason. The other and quite possibly main reason the Titanic only had enough lifeboats for just over 1700 of its 2200 passengers, is the liner company, White Star Line, decided that too many lifeboats would make the deck look ugly and a bit stuffy. This decision would prove to a very costly error for White Star Line and tragic for many of Titanic’s passengers.

At about 11:30PM, one of the Titanic’s crew spotted an iceberg in the path of the gigantic cruise liner. He immediately called the bridge, which in turn raced an order down to the engine room to slam the ship engines into reverse and to turn hard. The crew made a valiant effort, but just couldn’t turn the enormous Titanic. The ship crashed into an iceberg that split Titanic’s indestructible hull, a rip that went on for 300 feet. The icy sea water of the north Atlantic began to rush in, filling the liner’s hull and started a process that would eventually send Titanic to a deep and watery grave.

As Titanic slowly took on water and began to sink, the crew ordered the lifeboats be uncovered and sent into the water for an emergency abandon ship. It took the mighty ship over two hours to finally sink the Atlantic, more than enough time to save mostly everyone that was aboard the ship, the only problem was that there wasn’t enough lifeboats for everyone on board. By time everything was said and done, Titanic was completely submerged, plunging rapidly to the bottom of the sea and over 1500 passengers either perished or left to fend for themselves in the frigid waters of the north Atlantic. To this day, the story of the Titanic has been retold through books and movies and still remains the most tragic nautical disasters in history.

Titanic the Artifact Exhibition, in the Luxor Hotel and Casino, showcases various artifacts that were found at the actual Titanic site, more than two miles underwater. The exhibition also gives you a look into what some of the cabins looked like. You will also see a recreation of the massive Grand Staircase, what passengers would have first laid their eyes on when they entered the ship. Step back more than one hundred years in the past when you visit the Titanic Exhibition in Las Vegas. Use this website to book your tickets to this great attraction.

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