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2000 Las Vegas Boulevard South • Las Vegas, NV 89104

For more information, call: (702) 380-7777

Insanity The Ride at the StratosphereInsanity the ride is also known as Three G’s of Pure Insanity. This insane ride is located at the top of the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino. It is really a mind blowing experience. It is a massive mechanical arm that extends out 64 feet and over the edge of the building at about 900 feet in the air. It spins in the open air and gets up to speeds three G’s. The seat you sit in tilts to an angle of 70 degrees which puts you face down.

Anyone who is brave enough to keep their eyes open will get a beautiful view of downtown Las Vegas. To reach Insanity the ride, guests have to ride the elevator that goes three floors per second up the 900 foot level tower. It is a very exciting ride to experience along with many other emotions such as anxious and nervous. Just watching this ride will have your stomach in knots. The is a ride that will definitely have everyone on it screaming and wondering why they even decided to get on, but after the ride they are glad they had the chance to experience it.

The ride operates Sunday through Thursday from 10AM until 1AM and on Fridays and Saturdays it runs from 10AM until 2AM. Insanity only costs 13 dollars to ride and riders must be at least 54 inches tall. There are few precautions people should be aware of, this ride may not be a good thing for people who get dizzy and queasy easily. Also be sure to hydrate yourself and not ride with a full stomach.


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