Here you will find out about The Simpsons Ride™ at Universal Studios Orlando!

Editorial Review: The Simpsons Ride™

The Simpsons Ride

Take wild ride in to a hilarious amusement park with The Simpsons™ family! You are here at this strange theme park in line to test the newly created rollercoaster ride, and you’re the first to ride it! Unfortunately the last time The Simpsons™ were here they made some clumsy mistakes in their normal fashion. Triggering a chain of events one of the park employees is now here to kill the entire Simpson family while they enjoy this ride. As the ride starts he pulls the lever sending you on a comical ride that sends you spinning through the entire theme park.


Showing off some of their most hilarious humor The Simpsons™ take you for a wild ride full of silly and age appropriate humor. Flip and flop through all the rides in the theme park as you go up down left and right in this whacky adventure. Defy logic in comical ways that only the craziest of minds could have imagined! This ride is not an actual rollercoaster although it simulates some of the feelings, as well as sprays you with water and wind. If you're looking to get the whole package this is the ride for you.

Here at The Simpsons Ride™ not only is the ride entertaining but the line is just as well. Through a series of screens and animatronics you get to see some of The Simpsons™ most remembered comedy. And if you aren’t a daily watcher of the show then you have just entered a world of laughs and eye rolling humor!

Guest Testimonial

This ride is absolutely hilarious. I didn't realize this ride was here but one of the park employees said we had to go on it, so we did! Just the line leading up to the ride was enough for me to enter. There was some hysterical video clips from the show, probably the funniest parts that made me laugh the whole way up. Once on the ride you take a tour through the theme park and see all the rides in the craziest of ways. You start off on a rollercoaster then a huge wrecking ball knocks you off and you land in a river, then in tea cups then you get carried away by a massive baby. Yes its just that random and so funny!