Here you will find out about Shrek 4-D at Universal Studios Orlando!

Editorial Review: Shrek 4-D


Shrek 4-DIf you've seen the Academy Award winning movie, you'll love this amazing adventure with everyone's favorite ogre. This ride can be easily seen as you travel down the main road as soon as you enter Universal Studios Florida®. You'll see a sign off to your right where you can enter the line to the amazing adventure that is Shrek 4-D.


The line is fairly short to make things sweeter. Just before you enter you'll see some fake movie marquees that theme from characters in the Shrek Movies. Once you enter the building, you'll see that the three little pigs and Pinocchio have been captured by the ghost of Lord Farquaad who is out for revenge to get the woman he loves, Princess Fiona. After you've been informed of the situation at hand, you'll take your seat for a 3-D adventure with a 4-D twist that makes you feel like you're in the short film.

Find a row and go all the way to the right where you can then take your seat. Once everybody is seated, put on the special 3-D glasses that you'll have received earlier. A large curtain will rise at the front of the room where you will see that Shrek and Fiona are going on their honeymoon. Out of nowhere, Farquaad comes and kidnaps Princess Fiona. Having to take action for his love, Shrek goes on a wild escapade through the woods after Farquaad. In the end, Donkey's true love, Dragon, helps out the Ogre-Donkey duo and they get Princess Fiona back (along with getting rid of Lord Farquaad for good).

If you enjoy anything 3-D, this ride is a must. Shrek 4-D is fairly new to Universal Studios Florida® but is already an easy favorite. Make sure you plan your day out for this easy-to-find and fun-to-ride attraction. With added elements like donkey sneezing on you, having spiders crawl on your feet, or feeling like you're riding on horseback for the chase, I hope you get the chance to experience Shrek 4-D because it is different than anything else you've ever done.

Guest Testimonial

Well, I took my kids to this one and they absolutely loved it. That isn't to say that I didn't love it, because I thought it was awesome too. The 3D adventure picks up right after the first Shrek movie where the villain seems to have found a way back from death. Then using special effects combined with 3D glasses you actually experience the heat from fire and get wet when water comes onto the screen. Using all the characters from the movie Shrek, Donkey, the Princess and the Dragon battle their way through obstacles to save the day. If you ever want a break from the simple movies and want to experience something new, then this is the ride!