Here you will find out about MEN IN BLACK™ Alien Attack™ at Universal Studios Orlando!

Editorial Review: MEN IN BLACK™ Alien Attack™


Men in BlackFind your way into the forces of the MEN IN BLACK™, and help keep the galaxy stay safe from space invasions. You have been recruited to journey into one of the hot zones for the alien invasion. Ride one of the special vehicles that are assigned to you and battle your way through swarms and waves of cute and ugly creatures. These aren't the little green men you see in the movies, these are crazy, freaky looking enemies that you can score points off of! Yes you heard right, each time you shoot an enemy you score points which you can compare with your friends.


Experience the thrill of becoming an agent and battle your way through a training mission that goes haywire only shortly after aliens crash-land in Manhattan. You are dropped into the field and into heavy action as you battle your way through the catastrophe and save the universe from certain destruction. While many rides don't have much interaction this ride is nothing but constant immersion. While constantly shooting the various aliens that pop up out of the ground, from behind objects, out of windows and even the sky you will be racing to get the highest score among your rivals. Fire your weapon at lightning speed and risk missing targets or take your time and make perfect shots, either way you have to hit the targets as fast as possible or let yourself be left in the dust as your friends and family rack up those scores for bragging rights!

Guest Testimonial

Me and a few friends went on this ride and boy was it a blast, literally! We hopped in the carts and were told we were about to start our training mission. We passed through some cardboard cutouts of buildings and fired at targets that popped out of windows. Then suddenly we turned the corner into Manhattan to find a crash-landed space ship. At which point the radio screamed that we were being invaded and all active agents and agents in training needed to head into the field to keep the world safe. We fired away at the countless aliens that appeared everywhere. At the end of the ride we compared the total scores to see who was the best. I didn't win but I sure had a blast!