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This ride was so fun! They used all the characters from my children's favorite Nickelodeon Television shows. Every thirty seconds my kids would call out "Look its SpongeBob!" or whoever had now made their appearance on screen. We sat in our seats and I couldn't help but laugh at the show, when the seats moved I thought it was so cool. Even the Chicken dance movie was great! If you got kids and your looking to make their time at Universal Studios special then this is the ride for them!

Jimmy Neutron's Nicktoon Blast™

Jimmy Neutrons Nicktoon BlastEver watched some of those Nickelodeon cartoons and wondered what it would be like to exist in their world? Well maybe not so much as the children, but this ride still rips its way off the big screen and blasts its way into this world. Using characters from Nickelodeon’s hit shows you follow Jimmy Neutron as he battles his evil nemeses Ooblar who has stolen his newest invention, the rocket Mark IV.

Jimmy Neutron's Nicktoon BlastOoblar sneaks into Jimmy’s lab as he is giving you a tour, and secretly disguised as a tourist takes the Mark IV and flies out of the lab. In haste Jimmy asks you to join him, asking you to use his mass produced Mark I to chase down the villain and retrieve the Mark IV before Ooblar can use it to fuel his evil schemes. Then you enter the ride where you strap into your seats and turn your eyes to the big screen. You follow Jimmy Neutron into other Nickelodeon cartoons as he recruits his friends to help him catch Ooblar who seems to always be one step ahead. You first visit the Rugrats™, and then the FairlyOdd Parents™ and even a fan favorite, SpongeBob SquarePants™.

During the ride the seats shift and move creating a flight simulated feeling that drops you into their reality. Experience sharp turns, bumps and up and down motions as you find yourself chasing Ooblar the menace as he speeds along in the Mark IV on his way to transport his army to conquer earth. Speed along with Jimmy as all the characters use their unique abilities to save the day!

Discount Universal Studios Tickets

Discount Universal Studios Tickets

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