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Jaws the original movie has always been a personal favorite of mine. So when I found out when I entered the park that there was a ride dedicated to this masterpiece I was over exited. We went to the ride and took our picture out front with the dangling shark that replicates the size of JAWS. We then went and got in line to journey through Amity's water ways to visit the spot of a shark attack that happened 40 years ago. We ventured off and around the lighthouse where we got a strange transmission from another of the tour boats saying that they had spotted a fin and were in danger. We rounded another corner to find a sinking boat and no passengers. Then you see the massive shark go darting under the boat and for a fleeting moment you think your going to collide. But then you dodge quickly off the side into a covered docking area. Then you realize the entire place is filled with fish and meat, and the shark followed you in. Through a series of events you escape the shark, and it seems that you have killed it, but then suddenly the shark rams the boat for a last time leaving to wonder if he actually died. -Donny


Amity HarborBe prepared for a fun filled adventure when you take a tour on an old, rickety pontoon boat traveling through the canals showing you some major attractions. As you make your way out of the boathouse some strange things begin to happen. The boat gets bumped by something large under water making it jerk with incredible force. Around the corner you find evidence of recent shark activity, and then when it all seems to finally calm down the pilot spots a fin on the horizon. As if expecting this, the driver pulls out a massive gun and starts to fire into the water which erupts with explosions. The shark seems to be warded off when suddenly it’s apparent that the shark is still alive! After a series of events the driver succeeds in killing the shark after several up close encounters or did he?

Discount Universal Studios Tickets

Discount Universal Studios Tickets

Jaws!Built around an entire recreated town this ride's major draw is the on the water experience. Using an actual boat drawn by an underwater track this ride takes you through the murky water of Amity Island where forty years ago there was a grizzly shark attack. As the waters calmed the Island’s inhabitants decided to make a tourist business out of the event, and began offering tours to the area of the attacks, and that’s where the boat takes you today. In a strange turn of events it appears that the shark known as JAWS® has returned to the same location and intends to repeat the disaster that happened only forty years ago.

The entertainment of this ride is never lost, while most rides are the exact same thing every time you ride them, JAWS® changes every time. At several points the shark rams the boat, or charges it from a specific direction! However, JAWS® changes the angle randomly, meaning that while he might ram the boat on the right side one time, he could smash into it on the left the second time!

Discount Universal Studios Tickets

Discount Universal Studios Tickets

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