Here you will find out about Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit® at Universal Studios Orlando!

Editorial Review: Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit®


Hollywood Rip Ride RockitThe Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit® is the world's first and only personalized roller coaster. Each seat comes with a personalized screen which lets you select your favorite genre of music as you go up a 90 degree angle down at 65 MPH underground, through buildings and more! This new ride gives you your very own film crew of 5 animated characters that make sure your music video comes out just right. From telling you where to go and what to do, catching every angle, and setting the lighting so it's just right Celeste, Tiny, Raven, Rodriguez, and Aki make your music video just perfect.

You may be wondering how these animated characters are filming you, though you won't see any one of them walking around with a video camera. If you focus your attention on your vehicle you will see a small camera that captures every second of the ride. Not only does the vehicle have a video camera in every row of seats it's also fully loaded with other gadgets to make your ride experience more pleasurable and high-tech. The vehicle is equipped with 6 unique features that set it apart from any other roller coaster in the world! The state of the art wheels ride smooth which minimizes the discomfort and they are as quiet as a roller coaster can get, at some parts of the ride you may even feel like you are floating! The lights are more visible at night, they are the brightest LED lights that have ever been put on a roller coaster and are capable of flashing in 5 different patterns such as reflecting each color of the rainbow, pulse, race, twinkle and strobe. The most interesting feature on this vehicle that seems to be grabbing the attention of everyone is the Guest Interface Panel or the GIP. The GIP is what makes this roller coaster the most customizable roller coaster in the world. With this GIP you can pick your genre of music, and select which song you would like to listen to over the course of the ride, it's just that simple. Of course the GIP would be worthless if the vehicle didn't come with a 55-watt personal audio system in the head rest of every seat, the music adds a great amount of fun to the experience of riding the Hollywood Rip Ride RockitĀ® mainly because it's the only roller coaster in the world that lets you choose your own music as you ride.

All of these added features are great but on any roller coaster safety is the number one concern. This ride also features futuristic lap restraints that are unlike any other ride you've ever been on. Not only are these new restraints ridiculously comfortable they are among the safest of restraints. The crew and the vehicle are great and unique but the lineup of never done before tricks makes the roller coaster the most unique. The Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit's® track has 8 brand new tricks that have never been done before on any roller coaster. The vertical lift takes you up 17 stories at a nearly 90 degree angle seconds after you strap up and take off the loading platform, the double take is one of the most unexpected tricks on the ride; it looks like you are about to go upside down on a large loop however before you know it you're right side up wondering how it's even possible. The treble clef is where the track actually replicates the look of a treble clef as you twist around an area of straight track, the jump cut is where you feel as if you're floating after a combination of a twist and a jump, the crowd surfing trick makes sure all the attention is on you as you are put on your side looking down at the crowd of people waiting in line for this ride. Drop tuning takes the ride to a whole new level; an underground level. The plot twist brings you around a large loop in front of the crowd and is the last trick before you go into your grand finale. The chorus takes you through high speed ground maneuvers right before you make it back to the loading platform. In case you haven't already noticed by the name of these tricks the ride is made to simulate a performance. Universal Studios Florida® worked very closely with Sid Vinyl to make this ride as exciting as possible. Although the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit® is one of the newest rides at Universal Studios, it's quickly becoming a favorite at the park.

Guest Testimonial

Wow, just wow, this ride is killer. Me and my boyfriend visited the park just for this. It's brand new and it makes the theme park killer. You sit in line and the television screens show you the music you will be able to listen to while on the ride. That's the draw, this is the only roller-coaster in the world that lets you select music to listen to while speeding down this monster. The speed on this thing is incredible, we sat up front and the drop is amazing, every time we hit a turn I felt like I was going to black out, and then suddenly at the last moment we pulled out and we would do a barrel role or a twist before re-entering another black out turn. If your a roller-coaster fanatic then you have to visit this one!