Here you will find out about Fear Factor Live (open seasonally) at Universal Studios Orlando!

Editorial Review: Fear Factor Live

Fear Factor Live Entrance

The show that swept television off its feet is now live at Universal Studios® for your entertainment. The Fear Factor draw is placing several total strangers on stage and asking them to do the craziest and the most disgusting things. Putting beautiful bodies through tortuous physical challenges such as jumping from one moving truck to another, dangling from helicopters, performing gravity defying stunts before thousands, is only part of the many dangerous stunts seen at the Fear Factor Live.


These challenges range from eating the most putrid and revolting foods to entering tanks full of snakes. From Spiders to daring leaps of faith from helicopters to cars the show has brought America to the edge of its seat only to ask the question “Would I do it?” Now here at Universal Studios is you're chance to put yourself in the action, or sit in the stands and see firsthand others do the unthinkable. Watch or experience the action as live on stage you could stand still as the spider crawls on you or as you're lowered into a dunk tank full of Eels. Walk across a suspended car or bungee jump towards the stage. There will be sweaty palms all around, can he or she do it? A better question is, could you?

With so much excitement and cringing Universal Studios has once again brought the big screen to your front door in this exiting seasonal event that gets you in on the action. If you have never seen the show you're in for a treat, and if you’re a constant watcher then be prepared for a one on one experience of the show in this thriller that stacks the odds that only you can overcome!

Guest Testimonial

If you wanted to physically participate in the Fear Factor you have to sign up near the Terminator attraction. Personally, I took a rain check, unprepared to eat Bull's body parts, crunchy spiders, or pig entrails. Four children were selected from the visitors to eat Crunchy Candy Beatles ( I could have done that) and the winner won a premium pass to the theme park. The four contestants came out looking every bit as authentic as the NBC television show. In the first act, the volunteers had to stand on a platform and released smoke rings were blown in their faces. Some of the contestants fell and a cable kept them from crashing to the ground. Another act had a contestant strapped in a tank with a mask and emperor scorpions (the largest scorpions in the world) were poured onto them. The only problem is that they have stingers and pinchers and are VERY aggressive. Following this act everyone was grossed out when they blended up some worms, eels, and rotten body parts and the contestants had to drink this 'shake'. Unlike NBC's version, contestants were allowed to vomit. I think there were some visitors that felt like vomiting right next to me. The last act was the most disgusting when the contestants had to eat large scorpion spiders, alive and still moving while they crunched on their fangs, yuk!