Here you will find out about Disaster!℠ at Universal Studios Orlando!

Editorial Review: Disaster!℠


Ever wondered what it takes to make a disaster movie, well, a disaster? What kind of work goes into making a movie scene that makes the impossible seem to come alive before your eyes in a realistic movie format? Well now is your chance to step into the film and become a star in a high effects movie! Experience all the fun and entertainment of a ride, while learning everything about behind the scene movie experiences. Go through earth, water and fire as you experience riveting effects from the safe comfort of a train car, as you make your way into the studio for a special effects shooting of an earthquake.


Hop inside a train car with your family as you begin your journey through the subway. At the first stop you will be given instructions about safety and expressions that you will have to use at certain points in the shooting to make this movie. Then your train takes off and enters the subway where you are taken to the second spot and "Action!" The scene set begins to shake and your are asked to put on a panicked face, then large pieces of the ceiling fall in and the ground splits simulating an earthquake. Then a massive oil truck falls through the ceiling from the streets above and explodes into flames, shortly after you hear water rushing in from the distance. Water begins to burst onto scene via the stair entrances and the hole in the ceiling created by the oil tanker. The scene begins to fill with water and then the set resets ending the ride.

After exiting the ride you are directed towards televisions that show you the movie created. Using the power of modern technology and powerful movie editing software the Universal crew has inserted some special visual effects to make it actually look and feel like you were in the movies. Onscreen you can see yourself and other passengers trapped inside the train during this disastrous earthquake event!

Guest Testimonial

This ride is amazing! Every step of the way was jaw dropping. From the explanation of what would happen before hand to the incredible special effects. You felt the water spray on your face, the heat from the massive truck and the constant shaking of the earthquake. As if the actual ride wasn't enough they filmed the entire thing and then used amazing computers to make it look like we were in a movie! Not only that it looked amazingly real! This is on my list of top recommended rides at Universal Studios. If you have to wait two hours to get on this ride its worth it, don't miss out!
--Joe P.