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Animal Kingdom
Animal Kingdom


Disney 3 day hopper discounts Tickets

This unique and special ride is like none other in the world. Enter your time machine and journey back in time to the age when the dinosaurs were wiped out by meteors. This ride is an amazing experience because all the scenery and entertainment is all around you, and each time you enter its different! Your cart rotates as you move, however, it rotates different every time! Meaning you could ride this ride twenty times and still not see everything!

Primeval-WhirlPrimeval-WhirlWith hundreds of different sites to see and close encounters this is a wild adventure! Travel through a jungle filled with wild creatures and dangerous traps! Can you make your getaway to safety without encountering these dangers? As you travel through this thick forest you are confronted by every known obstacle, your job is to avoid it all by spinning out of danger!

Your time machine is a fully functional miniature roller-coaster. While your vehicle never actually reaches high Primeval-Whirlspeeds you will experience twists and very sharp turns. Dip and and zig-zag out of danger as your vehicle avoids the many fun and entertaining obstacles that cross your path. This fun-filled family adventure is speeding and spinning its way around the theme park, can you handle it?

This wild and whacky roller-coaster is fun for all ages, and will have you coming back time and time again!