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Old Town SuperVenture Discount Tickets One of Central Florida’s most exciting and inexpensive attractions is Old Town in Kissimmee. Located just a short drive from our office just off of U.S. 192 you can have your discounted tickets and entertainment in no time at all. With bright lights, streets full of people and carnival rides you can’t miss it! The Super Venture Unlimited Amusement Rides pass lets you get in on all the action all day long at a great price! With over fourteen rides included on this ticket there is something for everyone in the family, and something for all ages!

Old Town is a great way to spend a day while in the area. With a wide variety of entertainment, shows, rides and an abundance of shopping opportunities for you to explore it is easy to see why Old Town has become a classic and a must visit if you are in the Central Florida area. This great ticket lets you enjoy all the fun and excitement that you would normally have to pay for. It’s like visiting an amusement park for half the cost!

Rides are open from 5:00PM to 10:00PM.

Rides included on the ticket are:

Motorcycle Jump Motorcycle Jump: This fun carousel-like ride is great for the small children in the family. Hop on board a full sized motorcycle and breeze around with brother, sister or friend in tow! Slow and tame, the Motorcycle Jump is a great place for the kids.

Berry-Go-Round: Small kids will enjoy hopping inside these oversized strawberries and swirling around like a carousel. These massive berries are suspended above the ground and can hold a few small kids or an adult with a young one. As the ride spins in circles so do the berries. So, great ready for a wild ride

Classic Tilt-a-Whirl: If you are a fan of the classics then this is the ride for you! Taking you back to the days of the traveling fair this small town ride is bigger than life over at Old Town! Hop on board with a loved one and take ride around the Tilt-a-Whirl where your speed will increase and decrease as you go up and down on this moving track!

Tea Cups: One of the oldest and most memorable of carnival rides can be revisited at Old Town right as you walk in. Tea Cups comes to life for the small children in your family as it spins the children around and lifts them high into the air above the park.

Ferris Wheel: This traditional Ferris wheel is located at the front of Old Town overlooking the entire place and Kissimmee. Here you can see whole the park and area with a loved one.

Drop Zone The Drop Zone Super Shot: If you are a fan of intense and pulse pounding entertainment then head on over to the Drop Zone Super Shot. Launching you several stories into the air before a jarring drop this is one ride that is not for the faint of heart. Grab your best of friends and hold on tight for a leap into the beautiful Sunshine states blue sky!

Windstorm Roller Coaster: The biggest and wildest of the rides at Old Town is definitely the Windstorm Roller Coaster. Standing high above the rest of the attractions and overlooking the central street. With tight turns, sudden drops and near inversions this thrilling ride will have you guessing at every turn. Great for young ones and adults alike this gripping ride will bring the whole family closer together.

Wacky Worm: This miniature roller coaster is a great way to introduce the young ones in the family to attraction rides. With a circular track that changes elevation and speed, your children can enjoy a tame and exciting race around the track on the back of the Wacky Worm!

Quad Runner: The smallest of the children in your family will love to hop on board these quads and circle around the track. Great for young ones this brings entertainment to all sizes in the family.

Frog Hopper: A smaller version of The Drop Zone Super Shot the Frog Hopper lets the young ones in the family shoot towards the sky before gracefully ascending to the ground. Frog Hopper lets you get inside the mind of the jumping frog and become one yourself!

Go Carts PT Cruiser: Hop on board these cruisers with a friend or family member and cruise your way around the track. The ride accelerates as you go up and down around this circular coaster.

Silver Streak Himilaya: This fast moving coaster has you spinning at high speeds on this tight turning track. You might want to hold on, because the gforces and momentum from this ride will leave you looking like a streak to any onlooker.

Carousel: The most traditional of all the rides at the park this is a must ride for anyone visiting. Great for all ages and safe for kids this is a great way to end or start the night at Old Town. Pick your horse and enjoy one of the country’s oldest and most traditional carnival rides.