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Makahiki Polynesian Luau Discount TicketsPolynesian Luau

The Makahiki Luau is located in the heart of SeaWorld. Make your way to the Seafire Inn and join our Polynesian friends throughout our ancient celebration, Aloha! The Makahiki Luau combines elements of surprise, danger, culture, and great service. The food at this Polynesian luau is unmatched among all the dinner shows in Orlando. Expect to fill your belly and quench your appetite with a truly cultural experience.

Upon entering arriving at the entrance of the Seafire Inn, you will be greeted with friendly hosts and you pick up your invitation cards. This event requires reservations so be sure to call ahead and inform SeaWorld that your party will be attending. After picking up your invitation cards, you will choose a complimentary beverage. Choose between lemonade or rum punch. Please provide a valid photo identification when choosing the rum punch.

Makahiki Polynesian Luau Discount TicketsAfter picking up your invitation card and complimentary beverage, you will be directed towards a garden entrance. Here you will meet two show performers as place a lei on each member of your party. Expect to wait in line through the gardens while the Seafire Inn is converted to accommodate the upcoming Polynesian celebration.

During the show, you will see daring stunts and feats performed including fire breathing, fire twirling, somersaults and all sorts of dancing. It's easy to tell that the performers at Makahiki Luau are exceptionally trained and masters of their trade. There will be an intermission during the middle of the show to let the servers place the food on the table.

Enjoy your delicious entree as a small band strum their guitars and sing soft acoustic Polynesian tunes as you draw your attention to your party and food that has been promptly situated at your table:


- Island Salad


- Mahi Mahi in Pina Colada Sauce

- Roast Pork in Sweet & Sour Sauce

- Hawaiian Chicken

- Polynesian Fried Rice

- Stir Fried Vegetable Medley


- Big Kahuna (Banana lava cake with peanut drizzle)


- Complimentary: soda, coffee, iced tea, hot tea

- Cash bar all night featuring Anheuser-Busch products


"The Makahiki Luau was a great show! We were able to visit 2 dinner shows during this trip and the Luau had much better food! So tasty and all the children had plenty of fun. They kept imitating the moves done by the performers. Although, it was a bit tiring standing in line for 45 minutes and they prepared the restaurant. Maybe they should have provided some entertainment during the wait or at least some seats. The garden views were nice to look at though. I definitely recommend this dinner show to any family that comes to SeaWorld. It's a great way to top a long day at the theme park."


"Polynesian Luau formerly Makahiki Luau was an unforgettable evening in an Hawaiian atmosphere. The Polynesian Luau was moved in 2003 to the new Seafire Inn and is an entertaining show that includes Polynesian music from various countries, dance, costumes and cuisine. The dinner included fresh greens with ginger dressing, Mahi Mahi in Pina Colada Sauce, Hawaiian Chicken, Sweet and Sour Pork, Fried Rice, and Vegetable Medley. For dessert we had Banana Lava Cake with Peanut Drizzle, one complimentary cocktail and a beverage. The show is not as big as some we've seen in person in Hawaii on the beach, but it is excellent and the wahini's faces are captivating."


"The Polynesian celebration gave a wonderful salute to the South Pacific Islands. Now, this indoor production has been moved to the Seafire Inn. Complete with island foods and dancing, we feasted on South Pacific favorites like Pu Pu Platters, teaming pineapples, coconuts and other island favorites, plus fresh fish and roasted pork. During the meal we watched talented South Pacific dancers perform traditional island dances, hula hands weaving a tale of island history. Drummers thundered and fires blaze during the performance. Performances feature dramatic lighting, fire, and smoky special effects. A cocktail is included in the adult admission price and soft drinks are offered for children. Park admission is not required and is separate from the price of the Luau."