Here you will find out about The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man® at Islands of Adventure!

Editorial Review: The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man®


Recently renovated with 4K digital, 3-D, HD animation, new music, and upgraded audio and lighting systems, The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man® is one of the most interactive attractions in the world, bringing all the action to you in every sense imaginable. To get to this ride, just take a left to Marvel Super Hero Island® once you reach the end of the Port of Entry. After crossing the bridge, take a quick right past the road leading to Doctor Doom's Fearfall® and you'll see a statue of the web slinger himself sitting atop the entrance to this amazing ride. As you wait in line for your thrilling adventure, you learn the story behind what exactly is happening inside. Doc Ock has just stolen the Statue of Liberty, so every reporter for New York's famous newspaper, The Daily Bugle, is on the scene. The Bugle has just invented a new vehicle specifically designed for covering news in the most extreme situations and environments such as this. Lucky you gets to take it for a spin.


Just before taking your seat in the 'SCOOP' news rover, you are required to grab a pair of special glasses to wear so you can see the action in 3-D. Once you enter the vehicle, the door closes to where you focus only on what is in front of you. As you journey through, you are never sure which way you'll be going next as the ride twists and turns in every direction. You first enter the warehouse where Doctor Octopus is holding the Statue of Liberty and plotting evil with the rest of the villains. Now, the fun really kicks in. What makes this ride so unique is how much it feels like you're part of what's going on. When Spider-Man™ jumps on your rover, it actually tilts in synchronization as if he were actually there!

You face plenty of the villains from the comics who each have their own 'special' way of greeting you. Shocker takes a giant plug to your car, rumbling you around. Aquaman takes a few swings at Spider-Man™ as you follow him to New York City's sewers, where you'll get sprayed with water from the punches. After crossing the entire city on a wild goose chase, Doc Ock uses the levitation ray he used to take the Statue of Liberty on you! He lifts your entire car to the tops of the New York skyscrapers where you take a freefall to the city streets below. Just before impact though, you're saved by the masked hero himself, Spider-Man™. As you safely land in a car-sized web, you soon see that Spider-Man™ caught the evil Octavius! Spider-Man™ takes a quick picture of you and you can safely exit the ride.

What makes this ride so great is that even though you never really actually leave the ground, get shocked, or go underground, the ride's simulations are so realistic you feel as if you have! This attraction puts your senses to good use the entire time. Easily a five star ride, The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man® is a very family friendly ride with enough action to last you a lifetime.It is certainly a must ride if you decide to go to Universal's Islands of Adventure®.

Guest Testimonial

This attraction is great! Last time I went on it was about seven years ago, and my most recent visit was eye opening. The ride has had a complete overhaul; and it definitely shows! The difference is in the details. My cousin and I had a great time following Spiderman through the city as he battled some of the most classic villains. It’s like a roller coaster and a simulator all in one! You will feel the heat from fire, get wet when there’s a splash and feel the wind rush past you as you fall. From the corny one liners to the poorly executed traps of Spider-Man’s enemies, this attraction was worth riding twice.