Here you will find out about Jurassic Park River Adventure® at Islands of Adventure!

Editorial Review: Jurassic Park River Adventure®


If you've seen the movie, then you probably already have a pretty good picture of what's in store for you. All the excitement of the silver screen hit put together into a shocking and thrilling ride. Not very difficult to find, you will run by the entrance as you venture through the Jurassic Park® island of Universal's Islands of Adventure®. If you're up for getting a little splash on your visit, this is the perfect ride to do so.


The line leading up to when you step on your raft has plenty to keep you entertained for the short time. There are educative information stations that give you a little insight on the different types of dinosaurs you may want to know about or encounter. Just before you step onto your raft, you should watch the video that is played right in line. It will tell you some safety advice and tips for during the ride. After that, bring the safety bar down and get ready for an exciting time.

The ride starts off on a tour through the Jurassic Park® facility. You will get to see some very realistic dinosaurs such as a Brontosaurus, Stegosaurus, and Hadrosaurs. Unfortunately, one of the playful Hadrosaurs knocks your boat off course and into the velociraptor enclosing where chaos has taken over. Stay calm, you're going to have to find a way out, so you raft travels through the area filled with carnivorous dinosaurs. The only exit is down an 85 foot plunge out of the warehouse past the ever-feared T-Rex!

This ride will definitely be a favorite because it appeals to everyone in the family. With a great adventure getting to see the different dinosaurs at life size and a drenching finale to cool you off for the day, the Jurassic Park River Adventure will be one ride you'll never forget.

Guest Testimonial

We began to move shortly after we boarded the raft. At the beginning everything seemed to be under control while 75 foot long necked dinosaurs were feeding by the sides of the river. But suddenly, the Raptors broke loose from their cages, and in the next moments these dinosaurs are trying to bite us on every side. But the worst part is yet to come, just up ahead is a 85 foot tall T-Rex which has not eaten due to the draught in Jurassic Park. He stands between us and safety, kids are screaming adults are hiding their faces, next few moments made the difference between life and death. Suddenly, when the creature dips his head to enjoy a fresh lunch we drop into a black tunnel with a 85 foot drop and then a plunge right into the water! What an unforgettable raft ride!