Here you will find out about Doctor Doom's Fearfall® at Islands of Adventure!

Editorial Review: Doctor Doom's Fearfall®

Doctor Doom's Fearfall® Entrance

Not many people actually hear about this ride before they come into the park, but it packs one heck of a punch. Dr. Doom's Fearfall® is not easy to miss. As you enter Universal's Islands of Adventure®, just start heading for the two towering spires off to your left on Marvel Super Hero Island®.


The great thing about this ride is that the line usually doesn't last that long, but if you do happen to go on a busier day, the line is mostly indoor and air conditioned. While waiting, you'll learn that Dr. Doom has invented a machine that is used to remove fear from its guests' by sending you flying over 150 feet into the air, then letting you come back to Earth even faster than gravity could pull you.

As you come to the docking station, an employee will guide you to your seat where you will get strapped in with an overhead safety harness. You'll be on one of the two towers, each of which has four sides. I usually hope for the front side because I find it pretty cool to see the entirety of both Islands of Adventure® and Universal Studios®. Either way, the ride is terrifically terrifying as you feel a sense of weightlessness for a split second but all of a sudden your shot right back down.

This ride is not for the faint of heart (or stomach for that matter!). But if you can tough it out, you're in for a remarkable time. Can you handle Dr. Doom's Fearfall®? I sure hope so, because this ride is a must.